ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Researcher finds link between Bigfoot sightings and bear population

A study published in the Journal of Zoology reveals an interesting connection between black bears and the mysterious Bigfoot roaming the forests of North America. Researcher Flow Floxon of the Society of Folk Zoology in Pittsburgh has attempted to solve

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US lawmaker says China’s ‘intimidating’ military exercises showed no interest in peace

A senior U.S. lawmaker visiting Taipei on Monday said China's "intimidating" military exercises after Taiwan President Lai Ching-te's inauguration demonstrated China was not interested in taking Taiwan by peaceful means.

Kevin White Kevin White 1 Min Read

Biden welcomes Kenya’s Ruto to White House with investments, promises

U.S. President Joe Biden welcomed Kenyan President William Ruto to the White House on Thursday for a state visit aimed

Emily Davis Emily Davis 1 Min Read

Europe is fading away and becoming a ‘lost continent’

The world’s center of gravity is shifting, and the Old World is losing its relevance Europe remains an important strategic

Allison Clark Allison Clark 6 Min Read

Russia, Moldova’s opposition denounce Romanian PM’s remarks

Russia joined Moldova's leftist opposition on Thursday in denouncing Romania's prime minister for remarks saying ex-Soviet Moldova's population was made

Jonathan Harris Jonathan Harris 1 Min Read

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AI explains what will happen if the moon is destroyed

Space experts have raised serious concerns about NASA's missions to the moon, which they say could be catastrophic for humanity.

ORDO News Editor 3 Min Read

Strange burning object in the skies over North Carolina: UFO or something else?

Last night, residents of Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) observed a huge burning object with long columns of flame. Witnesses say

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

US military is developing aircraft using alien technology, expert said

The expert claims that the observed UFOs may be the result of military experiments. Recently, scientists and UFO researchers have

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Ancient zombie viruses from permafrost could trigger a new pandemic, scientists warn

In light of climate change and global warming, scientists are sounding the alarm about the possible threat of a pandemic

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Nigeria switches national anthem in what sceptics label a distraction

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday signed a bill switching back to a national anthem composed by a British expatriate and adopted at independence, a

Jessica Anderson

US Says New UN Resolution On Gaza War Not Going To Be Helpful

The United States is wary of a new UN resolution on the war in Gaza, its deputy ambassador said Wednesday as a draft seeks an

Lauren Brown

Israel Army Says Gained “Operational Control” Of Key Egypt-Gaza Corridor

The Israeli army said on Wednesday it had gained "operational control" over the strategic Philadelphi corridor along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Daniel Evans

Brazil Recalls Ambassador To Israel Amid Diplomatic Spat: Report

Brazil has recalled its ambassador to Israel, a diplomatic source told AFP Wednesday, ratcheting up tensions between the two countries over Israel's war in Gaza.

Michael Smith
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Argentina gov’t says unblocks key Petrobras gas shipment amid supply cuts

Argentina's government, facing domestic gas shortages and targeted service cuts, said on

Matthew Rodriguez Matthew Rodriguez

Venezuela cancels EU observers’ invitation ahead of presidential election

Brussels has expressed disappointment with the decision and urged Caracas to reconsider

Emily Davis Emily Davis

How Iran’s tragedy became food for the EU’s political sharks

The helicopter crash that killed Ebrahim Raisi became a stage for European

Brian Miller Brian Miller

Panda Diplomacy Is Back: Beijing Sending 2 Bears To Washington’s Zoo

Beijing will return giant pandas to Washington's National Zoo by the end

Allison Clark Allison Clark

Houthis Attack Greek-Owned Ship Off Yemen, Vessels In Retaliatory Strikes

Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels said on Wednesday they attacked a Greek-owned bulk carrier and several

Brian Miller

Trump Calls Robert De Niro “Wacko” After Actor Backs Joe Biden

Former US President Donald Trump today took a dig at 'Goodfellas' actor Robert De Niro

Daniel Evans

Aid Delivered To North Of Gaza For First Time In 2 Weeks, Says WHO Chief

A World Health Organization mission reached the north of Gaza for the first time in

Michael Smith

China, Japan agree to restart ruling party talks after six-year hiatus

China and Japan have agreed to resume regular talks between their ruling parties for the

Samantha Taylor

Researcher finds link between Bigfoot sightings and bear population

A study published in the Journal of Zoology reveals an interesting connection between black bears and the mysterious Bigfoot roaming

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

AI discovers potential entrances to Martian caves

Researchers have developed an algorithm that will allow them to detect potential entrances to Martian

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Mysterious objects observed near the solar system

Swedish researcher Beatriz Villarroel from Stockholm University, together with an international team of scientists, discovered

ORDO News Editor 3 Min Read

Could artificial intelligence cause a deadly pandemic?

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- British Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has warned of the potential threat of a

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Scientists have explored whether vitamin B17 provides protection against cancer

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Laetrile, also known as vitamin B17, is not actually

ORDO News Editor 4 Min Read

What is useful for kiwi: benefit and harm to the body

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Kiwi, hailed as one of the most beneficial fruits,

ORDO News Editor 5 Min Read

Hackers could use phone light sensors to track activity, experts warn

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are warning of a new hack

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

AI discovered: Fingerprints may not be unique

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- The latest research, led by engineering student Gabe Guo

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Scientists: What we see is not real

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Recent research in the field of quantum mechanics confirms

ORDO News Editor 3 Min Read

Strange burning object in the skies over North Carolina: UFO or something else?

Last night, residents of Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) observed a huge burning object with long columns of flame. Witnesses say

US military is developing aircraft using alien technology, expert said

The expert claims that the observed UFOs may be the result of military experiments. Recently,

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Pope Francis surprised with his presentation of hell

NEW YORK (ORDO News) -- Pope Francis has stirred the minds of millions of Italians

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Must Read

Former Thai PM to be indicted over royal insult – media

Thaksin Shinawatra denies any wrongdoing and has repeatedly pledged his loyalty to the crown Thai prosecutors said on Wednesday that

Michael Smith

Raisi helicopter probe raises more questions – Iran

Multiple causes of the fatal crash have been ruled out by investigators Iranian investigators have yet to establish what caused

David Thompson

Iran’s Khamenei seeks trusted hardliner to replace Raisi in June vote

Iran fires the starting gun this week on an election to replace President Ebrahim Raisi, whose death in a helicopter

Michelle Thompson

Yemen’s Houthis target six ships in three seas

Yemen's Houthis targeted six ships in three different seas, including the Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier Laax that was damaged after

Patrick Wilson
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AI discovers potential entrances to Martian caves

Researchers have developed an algorithm that will allow them to detect potential entrances to Martian caves that could become shelters for future settlers. Scientists have drawn attention to the possibility

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Mysterious objects observed near the solar system

Swedish researcher Beatriz Villarroel from Stockholm University, together with an international team of scientists, discovered

ORDO News Editor 3 Min Read

Giant layers of water ice discovered on Mars

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Although Mars is usually associated with vast, dry deserts,

ORDO News Editor 3 Min Read

Aliens could be observing ancient civilizations on Earth

In the latest study, published in the journal Acta Astronautica, scientists hypothesize that aliens 17.6

ORDO News Editor 3 Min Read

Astronomers discovered a giant structure in space

NEW YORK (ORDO News) -- A colossal structure has been discovered in the Universe that

ORDO News Editor 2 Min Read

Solana Remains Institutional Investors’ Favorite, YTD Flows Ramp Up To $29 Milion

Solana (SOL) is rapidly gaining the attention of institutional investors, who are increasingly showing a strong interest in this crypto

Kevin White

‘Solana Is For Baddies’: Rapper Iggy Azalea Joins The Controversial Celebrity Token Frenzy

For the past week, a controversial celebrity token trend has emerged. Mainstream media figures began launching Solana-based memecoins and seemingly

Rachel Williams

Bullish Breakout: WIF Starts New Rally Above 100-Day Moving Average, What Next?

The recent upward movement has led the price of WIF to continue its rally above the 100-day Simple Moving Average

Jennifer Martinez

Deutsche Bank Dives Into Crypto: Ethereum Platform Tested To Fight Shrinking Profits

Deutsche Bank has launched its debut into tokenized money using an inventive Ethereum-based platform, marking a significant move towards embracing

Daniel Evans

Shiba Inu Stages Remarkable Rally, Pushes Cardano Out Of Crypto Top 10

In a remarkable turn of events that has seen the Shiba Inu price surge while the market is struggling, it

Kevin White

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