Researcher finds 2,000-year-old relief of Hercules in Turkey’s Muğla province

(ORDO NEWS) — A previously unknown ancient relief was found by a man named Recep Ashik in the Milas district of the city of Muğla. A study was begun on a relief that supposedly depicts Hercules.

Inspired by a documentary he watched, Recep Ashik decided to make a video for use on social media in a mountainous area where ancient marble quarries are located.

Recep Ashik read that Hekatomnos, the King of Caria, lived in this region in the past during his research for the video.

After learning from sources that there were ancient marble quarries on Mount Sodra in the area, Ashik began to roam the region to film them for his blog.

Noticing the relief on the marble surface, Recep Ashik reported the find to the directorate of the Milas Museum.

According to the results of examinations, it is believed that the relief depicts Hercules and was made about 2000 years ago.

Officials of the directorate of the Milas Museum, who examined the region, began work on declaring the area an archaeological site.


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