Climate change is making lakes around the world less blue

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have shown that most lakes around the world are already green-brown, not blue.

If global warming continues, blue lakes around the world are in danger of disappearing altogether. A change in the color of the water may indicate a deterioration in the health of the ecosystem.

While substances such as algae and sediment can affect the color of lakes, it has now been shown that air temperature, precipitation, lake depth, and altitude also play an important role in determining the most common lake water color.

Blue lakes, which account for less than one-third of the world’s lakes, tend to be deeper and are found in cool, high latitudes with high rainfall and winter ice cover.

The study found that green-brown lakes, which make up 69% of all lakes, are more common and found in drier regions, inland areas and along coastlines.

An article describing the new findings of scientists was published in the new issue of the journal Geophysical Research Letters.


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