• Man got four COVID 19 shots to visit bars

    Man got four COVID-19 shots to visit bars

    (ORDO NEWS) — One Singaporean was vaccinated four times. Two doses of the coronavirus vaccine were received directly in Singapore, followed by two more in Hong Kong. The man wanted to visit local bars without any obstacles, and for this he needed to have a special electronic card, which indicates that the vaccine was given. At the same time, doctors warned that being vaccinated more than two times can be…

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  • The girl came to the optometrist and found out that she had brain cancer

    The girl came to the optometrist and found out that she had brain cancer

    (ORDO NEWS) — One of the residents of Great Britain visited an ophthalmologist due to the fact that her eyesight began to fall and she needed glasses. In addition, she began to develop severe headaches that did not go away for a long time. The specialist shocked the girl when he said that these are symptoms of brain cancer. Just three days after the diagnosis was made, the student underwent…

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  • A girl after COVID 19 lives with the smells of onions sweat and garbage

    A girl after COVID-19 lives with the smells of onions, sweat and garbage

    (ORDO NEWS) — The journalist Sofia Ankle from England cannot get rid of a disease like parosmia for a year. Pathology leads to a distortion of the perception of odors. The problems began after the girl got sick with coronavirus in 2020. Now the familiar products of the journalist smell like garbage, sweat and onions. Experts calm the girl down and say that it is possible to regain her sense…

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  • In Florida a man stole a crocodile to fight with him

    In Florida, a man stole a crocodile to fight with him

    (ORDO NEWS) — An unusual incident happened in Florida. The police received a call that the alligator had disappeared from the minigolf park. The police immediately found visible signs of a break-in, which indicated the theft of the animal. They quickly found the alleged offender and arrested him. Reported by the Associated Press. It is worth noting that the man who kidnapped the alligator performed extremely strange actions during the…

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  • China records first human death from monkey virus

    NEW: China records first human death from monkey virus

    (ORDO NEWS) — In China, experts have recorded the first death from the monkey virus. One of the veterinarians in Beijing contracted the disease. It is known that the very first manifestations of pathology in the infected were discovered in mid-spring, some time after he examined two dead monkeys. The man was worried about constant nausea and severe vomiting. Doctors were unable to establish the cause of such symptoms and…

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  • New effective drugs for coronavirus discovered

    New effective drugs for coronavirus discovered

    (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have found another group of drugs that can be used to combat severe manifestations of coronavirus. Experts noted that they will work best in cases where concomitant diseases are present. In this case, we are talking about drugs such as statins. They are used to lower blood cholesterol levels. Reported by the UC San Diego News Center. These drugs have a very good anti-inflammatory effect. Scientists…

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  • South Korea

    The grave of the “giant” was discovered in South Korea

    (ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from South Korea were engaged in excavations in the necropolis, which was erected during the reign of Sil.  Archaeologists managed to find the remains of a man who was very tall. “Giant” died almost fifteen hundred years ago. Scientists examined the skeleton and determined that its height was 180 cm. At the same time, the average height at that time was not more than 165 cm…

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  • The woman broke into the dentists office and pulled out 13 teeth of the patient

    The woman broke into the dentist’s office and pulled out 13 teeth of the patient

    (ORDO NEWS) — A woman living in the US state of Nevada was detained by police a few days ago. She has committed a very strange crime. The American woman entered the dental clinic and removed 13 teeth from the patient at once. In addition, she stole a fairly large amount of money after a while. This is the first time this has happened in the state. Reported by The…

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  • The Simpsons

    The Simpsons predicted Branson’s space flight 7 years ago

    (ORDO NEWS) — The world famous cartoon “The Simpsons” has repeatedly surprised its fans with its unique ability to predict future events. This time the prediction concerns Richard Branson and it was made back in 2014. Reported by the Daily Mail. It is worth noting that a well-known entrepreneur made a trip to the orbit of our planet using a special apparatus developed by Virgin Galactic. The shots that were…

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  • In India prisoners escaped with salt and pepper

    In India, prisoners escaped with salt and pepper

    (ORDO NEWS) — In India, seven prisoners escaped from prison. In order to make such an original escape, they used only salt and pepper. Reported by the Hindustan Times. This event happened in a prison, which is located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The prisoners were supposed to go to dinner. For this, the guards released them from their cameras. The prisoners suddenly started throwing a mixture of salt,…

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  • Indian resident sterilized instead of COVID 19 vaccine

    Indian resident sterilized instead of COVID-19 vaccine

    (ORDO NEWS) — A deaf and dumb man from the small village of Bishanper in India, instead of the promised coronavirus vaccine, underwent a procedure such as a vasectomy. It is reported by the Times of India. Dhruva Kumar was taken away from his home by a local activist to allegedly get an urgent COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, the man was sterilized at a local hospital and not even taken home.…

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  • CIA Mind Control

    MK-ULTRA: CIA mind control experiment on three Vietnamese

    (ORDO NEWS) — In 1953, on the orders of CIA Director Allen Dulles, a program was created, codenamed MK-ULTRA, in which experiments on mind control were conducted under the direction of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. Experiments with LSD on volunteers found Gottlieb to be productive, and he began experimenting with drugs on unsuspecting people. In some of the experiments, he was joined by Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, who, among other things,…

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  • In the US doctors transplanted a kidney to the wrong patient

    In the US, doctors transplanted a kidney to the wrong patient

    (ORDO NEWS) — A couple of days ago, two employees of the hospital, which is located in Ohio, were sent on administrative leave. They transplanted a kidney into the wrong patient. It is reported by WKYC-TV. George Stamatis said the patients and their families were immediately apologized. He added that the kidney that was transplanted to another patient is quite compatible, so the patient will soon recover. The operation of…

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  • A man found mysterious underground passages under his house

    A man found mysterious underground passages under his house

    (ORDO NEWS) — A man from Italy accidentally found a huge network of tunnels under the ground under his home. Many bats live inside the tunnels. Reported by Reddit. A Netatrax user shared information that some time ago he became the owner of a house located in the southern part of Italy. There was a small shed near the house, in which the man saw an entrance from a system…

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  • Archaeologist

    Archaeologist from Greece believes that he was able to discover the tomb of the mother of Alexander the Great

    (ORDO NEWS) — In the northern part of Greece, some time ago, excavations were carried out in the tomb of Korinos. Most likely, one expert managed to find the lost grave of the mother of Alexander the Great, whose name was Olympias. This is reported by Ancient Origins. Professor Athanasios Bidas believes that he has a sufficient amount of evidence and therefore can argue that the tomb really belongs to…

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  • 70 thousand people do not want Jeff Bezos to return to Earth

    70 thousand people do not want Jeff Bezos to return to Earth

    (ORDO NEWS) — Next month, Jeff Bezos and his brother fly into space. NASA is already preparing them for the flight. Meanwhile, more than 70 thousand people have signed a petition asking to prevent the return of the billionaire to Earth. Business Insider reports. Jeff and Mark are set to fly into space on a New Shepard rocket on July 20th. The petition came three days after the billionaire announced…

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  • North Korea

    North Korea is deeply concerned about Kim Jong-un’s dramatic weight loss

    (ORDO NEWS) — In early June, the world saw the “renewed” Kim Jong-un, who lost a lot of weight. People began to suspect something was wrong, namely, a serious illness in their leader. It is reported by The people are heartbroken, many media outlets say. Never before has the General Secretary looked so thin. Their comments, assumptions and concerns were told by ordinary citizens to Korean Central Television, which…

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  • A man for 40 years lived in the jungle and did not know about the existence of women

    A man for 40 years lived in the jungle and did not know about the existence of women

    (ORDO NEWS) — Ho Wan Lang has lived away from civilization for 40 years. What was he doing all this time? He hunted, picked berries and fruits, and in every possible way avoided any contact with people. For more than 8 years, this Vietnamese has lived in a small village and never ceases to amaze others with incredible stories. Reported by Unilad. In 1972, his father took the still very…

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  • Alzheimers

    Man married his wife twice due to Alzheimer’s

    (ORDO NEWS) — Peter Marshall from America, at the age of 53, was diagnosed with a not entirely comforting diagnosis – Alzheimer’s disease. Pathology gradually destroys memory and a person begins to forget some moments from his life. After some time, Peter forgot his wife Lisa, but then fell in love with her again and married a second time. Reported by CNN. Peter and Lisa met over 20 years ago.…

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  • Accidental Wealth American Couple Gets 50 Billion

    Accidental Wealth: American couple gets $ 50 billion

    (ORDO NEWS) — A couple from Louisina were shocked when they saw an incredible amount in their bank account. The spouses did not leave other people’s money and the man immediately turned to the bank, where he told about what had happened. Reported by BR Proud. Darren James was surprised by his wife’s call. She called and said that it was not clear where $ 50 billion came from in…

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  • The man faces 20 years in prison due to a disrupted flight

    The man faces 20 years in prison due to a disrupted flight

    (ORDO NEWS) — The man made a riot on board a passenger plane. A simple verbal skirmish was not enough, and the conflicted passenger at some point simply jumped out of the taxiing plane. This happened at Los Angeles International Airport. Reported by Pix11. Oddly enough, the incident happened immediately after the US Federal Aviation Administration announced a “zero tolerance”. Higher fines for violation of rules of conduct for passengers…

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  • Wuhan Lab Scientists May Be Executed Over COVID 19 Leak

    Wuhan Lab Scientists May Be Executed Over COVID-19 Leak

    (ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese Communist Party is ready to take drastic measures of punishment, sentencing to death those responsible for the leak of coronavirus from a laboratory in Wuhan. But only if this version receives official confirmation. Ross Terrill, a researcher at the Harvard Center for Chinese Studies, told the most possible scenario. Reported by The Mirror. The expert has no doubts that the Chinese authorities can accuse the…

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  • man who survived a shark attack talks about his feelings

    Man who survived a shark attack talks about his feelings

    (ORDO NEWS) — A California swimmer managed to survive after being attacked by a great white shark. Many also call it a man-eating shark, because a huge number of attacks have been recorded over the entire time. The man shared information about what happened and what exactly he felt at that moment. It is reported by the NBC Bay Area. It all happened on June 26 in the morning on…

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  • 32 kilograms in 10 months a man spoke about his method of losing weight

    32 kilograms in 10 months: a man spoke about his method of losing weight

    (ORDO NEWS) — One of the residents of India spoke about his effective method of losing weight, who managed to lose 32 kilograms in just 10 months. Reported by The Times of India. Prashant Naidu began gaining extra weight quickly in 2019 due to an injury and a significant decrease in physical activity. Then the coronavirus pandemic began and self-isolation led to the fact that the movement was reduced to…

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  • 112 year old Puerto Rican became the oldest man on Earth

    112-year-old Puerto Rican became the oldest man on Earth

    (ORDO NEWS) — The oldest man on earth was born on August 8, 1908. To a surprise for himself, he got into the Guinness Book of Records, because today he has already turned 112 years old. Emilio Flores Marquez is a resident of Puerto Rico and he could not even imagine that he would become famous all over the world. At the same time, the long-liver feels great and plans to live for…

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  • The man traveled three thousand kilometers to plot Zimbabwe on Google Maps

    The man traveled three thousand kilometers to plot Zimbabwe on Google Maps

    (ORDO NEWS) — The Republic of Zimbabwe is a state in Africa with a population of 16 million. A country with an amazing landscape, developed megacities and few panoramic images on Google Maps. Tawanda Kanchema, an American photographer from Zimbabwe, decided to fix this situation. He traveled more than 3.2 thousand kilometers to bring 800 kilometers of Zimbabwe roads onto the Internet. Bird in Flight reports. It all started when…

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  • Kamala Harris refused migrants

    Kamala Harris refused migrants

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — With the arrival of the Biden administration in the White House, the United States is tightening its migration policy. Thus, US Vice President Kamala Harris, who visited Guatemala, gave a “clear signal” to the residents of this country, suffering from poverty and rampant banditry and wanting to move to much more prosperous, in their opinion, States: we are not waiting for you. On Monday, June…

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  • Why You Should Stop Using Others iPhone Cables

    Why you should stop using others’ iPhone cables

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — “The world’s most dangerous USB cable has just gotten more powerful,” says a new ad, which should serve as a serious warning to anyone using someone else’s iPhone or iPad cables. If you plug such a cable into your device, you won’t even realize that you have been attacked until it’s too late. As pen test site Hak5 writes, “Before you had to have a…

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  • why its time to stop texting on Android Messages

    Why it’s time to stop texting on Android Messages

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Imagine your boss sees every message or photo you send! And your own government – or a foreign one – knows about your every move. Encryption is more important than ever – it is under threat. Forbes explains why it’s time to quit chatting with Android Messages. Ironically, if Facebook got nuts for the forced change in conditions for 2 billion WhatsApp users, then Google…

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  • Scientists have told why coffee does not always invigorate and gives strength 2

    Why coffee does not always invigorate and gives strength

    (ORDO NEWS) — Morning coffee is a wake-up ritual for billions of people on the planet. This drink invigorates, tones up and gives strength … but not always. Scientists have told in what cases a cup of an invigorating drink is useless for humans. This is reported by Profile. Scientists from the University of Michigan wondered how caffeine can improve attention and concentration when sleep deprived. They conducted a whole…

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  • Lifetime immunity to COVID 19 can it form in humans 2

    Lifetime immunity to COVID-19: can it form in humans?

    (ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine are trying to study the immune system against coronavirus. The most important question that worries everyone today is whether lifelong immunity is possible or not. To find out, scientists examined the bone marrow of 77 volunteers. Reported by National Helard. For the reliability of the data obtained, it was necessary to observe one important condition during the experiment.…

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  • One of the cities of Ohio has completely refused abortion 1

    One of the cities of Ohio has completely refused abortion

    (ORDO NEWS) — The topic of the ban on abortion is very relevant today all over the world. In Ohio, the City of Lebanon has completely banned abortion.  The exceptions were ectopic pregnancy and a few more cases in which the life of a woman in labor is at risk. Victims of violence and incest will not be able to have an abortion in Lebanon.  This is reported by The city…

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  • 2 year old girl with IQ 146 became the youngest member of the oldest community of geniuses 1

    2-year-old girl with IQ-146 became the youngest member of the oldest community of geniuses

    (ORDO NEWS) — A two-year-old girl from California was accepted into the Mensa genius community. Her name is Kashe Quest. She became the youngest genius to be admitted to the club with an IQ test of 146 points. Kashe has broken another child’s record. Prior to that, Muhammad Hariz Nadzim was considered the record holder. He joined Mensa at the age of 2 years and 4 months. His IQ test…

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