Man finds 50 diamonds in one year

(ORDO NEWS) — A US resident found 80 diamonds in four years, including 50 in 2022.

A resident of Arkansas, USA, found 80 diamonds in four years, and he managed to find 50 of them during 2022. It is reported by the New York Post.

In early September, Scott Craiks went in search of diamonds in Diamond Crater State Park. According to the park’s rules, seekers can collect no more than 22 kilograms of gravel from the crater to then test it for minerals in more convenient conditions.

While sifting through the gravel, Craix discovered a small diamond and soon brought it to Diamond Crater for appraisal and registration.

The staff said it was the 35,000th mineral found in the park since its discovery in 1972. They identified the man’s find as a white diamond smaller than a carat. Craix named him after his grandson.

For the found mineral, the American received a free stay for two nights in one of the Arkansas parks and a special frame for his diamond and registration card.


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