• American scientists warned of a new pandemic more dangerous than COVID 19

    American scientists warned of a new pandemic, more dangerous than COVID-19

    (ORDO NEWS) — Experts warned about the Nipah virus, the mortality rate from which ranges from 45-75%. It is this infection that can provoke a deadly pandemic in the future. All facets of the virus have been studied by scientists from the University of Kentucky. As the head of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Rebecca Dutch noted, the Nipah virus is definitely mutating, becoming more infectious. As practice…

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  • Two new coronaviruses discovered scientists have assessed their danger

    Coronavirus is for a long time. What does it mean?

    (ORDO NEWS) — Can vaccination be counted on as a means to completely eradicate covid-19? According to scientists, this virus is with us forever. Another question is how he will behave in the future. Perhaps covid-19 will become endemic and resemble “something like the flu”. But we must not forget about its ability to deceive the immune system. An article from the journal Nature claims that many scientists believe the…

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  • How to keep youthful named berry that slows down aging

    How to keep youthful: named berry that slows down aging

    (ORDO NEWS) — Fruits and vegetables contain so many nutrients that they are sometimes capable of a real miracle. Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that blueberries help slow down the aging process and prolong life. The berry contains many flavonoids that prevent DNA damage and slow down changes in brain cells. Blueberries prevent the formation of oxidative and inflammatory reactions in the brain, increasing life expectancy. The study…

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  • WHO finally rejects theory that coronavirus was imported to China from outside

    WHO finally rejects theory that coronavirus was imported to China from outside

    (ORDO NEWS) — An investigation of the case directly in China itself showed that the coronavirus was not imported from the outside, it originated inside the Middle Kingdom. Previously, many adhered to the theory that the virus was brought along with frozen food. The unlikely version was told by Peter Ben Embarek, head of the WHO international expert group. A group of specialists visited China, studying the Wuhan market and…

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  • Artificial intelligence has figured out where the next coronavirus will come from

    Artificial intelligence has figured out where the next coronavirus will come from

    (ORDO NEWS) — Experts conducted a study and established where the new coronavirus may come from. To do this, they used artificial intelligence. As it turned out, today there are many more potential carriers of various strains of coronavirus than experts previously thought. Markus Blagrove added that they want to know where the new threat might come from. This will allow them to prepare in advance. One of the options…

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  • What are copper masks 1

    What are copper masks and how are they better than surgical ones?

    (ORDO NEWS) — And again, let’s talk about masks. Despite the fact that in some regions of Russia the mandatory mask regime has been canceled, we will not forget about them soon. The fact is that even for people who have been vaccinated, doctors recommend that they continue to observe preventive measures. This is because scientists still do not know if recently vaccinated people can be carriers of coronavirus infection.…

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  • A super infectious strain of coronavirus was discovered in the USA what is known

    A super-infectious strain of coronavirus was discovered in the US: what is known

    (ORDO NEWS) — In the United States, they found a strain of coronavirus codenamed B.1.1.7, which spreads many times faster than standard forms. Its infectivity is high. Interestingly, the modified virus was found in a Michigan prison. The super-infectious strain is reportedly now spreading at Bellamy Creek American Correctional Facility in Ionia. Prison staff were ordered to take a coronavirus test every day. Similar measures have been taken with regard…

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  • Experts say next flu season may be too bad

    Experts say next flu season may be too bad

    (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists said that the resulting break from seasonal illnesses, including the flu, could result in serious problems, reports The Atlantic. In connection with the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, the spread of a variety of respiratory diseases has been minimized. Experts believe that in the future, outbreaks of influenza can become more severe and may occur at the most inopportune moments. It should be noted that…

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  • Outbreak of unknown disease recorded in Tanzania

    Outbreak of unknown disease recorded in Tanzania

    (ORDO NEWS) — People in Tanzania began to suffer from an unknown disease, the symptoms of which are vomiting of blood. Already 50 people have suffered, of which 15 died. The Chunya district in Mbeya was recognized as the epicenter of the strange infection. A group of specialists was sent to the region to understand what was happening. It is important to find out in time why people vomit blood…

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  • Humanity needs to prepare for a pandemic that will come after COVID 19

    Humanity needs to prepare for a pandemic that will come after COVID-19

    (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists believe that right now we need to start preparing for a new pandemic that could break out in the world after the coronavirus. Long before the start of the pandemic, experts knew that an outbreak of an unknown disease could soon occur. People too thoughtlessly interfere with nature and come into contact with animals that can carry dangerous pathogens. At the moment, this has already happened,…

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  • Coronavirus WHO experts find important evidence at seafood market in Wuhan

    Coronavirus: WHO experts find “important evidence” at seafood market in Wuhan

    (ORDO NEWS) — WHO staff are currently in Wuhan in order to find out the reasons and prerequisites for the transition of coronavirus to humans. As part of the investigation, it was possible to find some “important evidence”. The WHO has focused on the role of animals, as well as natural conditions. They studied the seafood market in Wuhan, where they found something important. The Chinese authorities closed the market…

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  • patient zero with HIV

    Scientist voiced a new hypothesis about patient zero with HIV

    (ORDO NEWS) — Canadian scientist, Professor Jacques Pepin from the University of Sherbrooke spoke about the new hypothesis of patient zero with HIV infection. The Daily Mail reports. According to the expert, the first time a person contracted HIV infection during the First World War. The scientist suggests that patient zero was a French, Belgian or British soldier who took part in hostilities against German troops in Cameroon. He noted…

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  • In 76 of those who have had coronavirus the symptoms do not disappear even six months after recovery

    Doctors tell who is at greatest risk of dying from COVID-19

    (ORDO NEWS) — The risk of dying from COVID-19 is highest for those with cancer, according to a report published by the Polish Society of Epidemiologists and Infectious Diseases Physicians. The author of the report, the head of the society, Robert Flisiak, analyzed several thousand fatal cases of COVID-19, depending on the age of the patients, on the comorbidities and the state in which they were hospitalized. As follows from…

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  • Coronavirus is airborne and we pay too much attention to surfaces

    Coronavirus is airborne and we pay too much attention to surfaces

    (ORDO NEWS) — A year has passed since the start of the pandemic and the evidence is clear. The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is transmitted primarily through the air – when talking, people exhale large droplets and small particles called aerosols. Capturing a virus from the surface seems plausible, but rarely happens in practice. Despite this, many healthcare institutions still claim that surfaces are hazardous and must be disinfected frequently. As a…

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  • Masks will have to be worn even after vaccination the reasons

    Masks will have to be worn even after vaccination: the reasons

    (ORDO NEWS) — Many countries have already launched the vaccination process, but they do not even think about canceling the mask regime. The mask is so far the only working method to protect oneself. According to experts, masks will be worn even by those people who received two doses of the vaccine, as expected. First, the effectiveness of vaccines is far from 100%. The most advanced formulation guarantees only 95%…

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  • The guy does not know about the pandemic although he has already been sick with coronavirus twice

    The guy does not know about the pandemic, although he has already been sick with coronavirus twice

    (ORDO NEWS) — The guy slept for almost a whole year and did not even know that the coronavirus was spreading around the world. At the same time, he managed to get ill with it twice. It is hardly possible to call a teenager a lucky one, because he has other serious health problems. Joseph Flavill from Great Britain was hit by a car near his home when he was…

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  • The world faces a new pandemic due to the deadly Nipah virus

    The world faces a new pandemic due to the deadly Nipah virus

    (ORDO NEWS) — The deadly new virus can cause an incredibly high mortality rate, which reaches 40-70%. At the same time, it will also spread with great speed. The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, and the WHO is already warning of a new threat from the Nipah virus. It spreads rapidly and causes high mortality. A significant drawback in this situation is that there is no cure for it.…

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  • Magnetic storms in February 2021 when to wait and how to survive

    Magnetic storms in February 2021: when to wait and how to survive

    (ORDO NEWS) — According to the findings of scientists, the third month of winter will bring a lot of geomagnetic fluctuations. There will be at least four magnetic storms, one of which will be protracted. The first February magnetic storm will cover the planet on the 7-10th. The peak is expected on February 9th. It is on this day that problems with sleep, excessive fatigue and surges in blood pressure…

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  • In India 700 people fell ill with an unknown disease in a month and a half

    In India, 700 people fell ill with an unknown disease in a month and a half

    (ORDO NEWS) — In different parts of India, literally over the past month and a half, more than 700 people fell ill. Scientists cannot determine what this pathology is, because they have not previously encountered anything similar. Sources say that people live normal lives, and then suddenly begin to faint, fall to the ground and beat in terrible convulsions. For a month and a half, several deaths have already been…

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  • There is a new version regarding the origin of AIDS

    There is a new version regarding the origin of AIDS

    (ORDO NEWS) — Professor Jacques Pepin from Canada has been studying the virus that provokes the development of AIDS for a long time. Today, he says that he guesses who could be “patient zero”. There are a huge variety of theories as to where the human immunodeficiency virus came from. Since HIV was first detected in homosexuals, it was initially believed that the disease is characteristic only of lovers of…

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  • Peeling skin swelling of the tongue and swelling of the extremities new symptoms of coronavirus

    Peeling skin, swelling of the tongue and swelling of the extremities: new symptoms of coronavirus

    (ORDO NEWS) — The list of possible symptoms of coronavirus is expanding. So, the researchers noticed that patients have peeling of the skin, swelling of the hands and feet, as well as swelling of the tongue with some burning sensation. Among 666 patients, 46% developed at least one of these symptoms. The study took place in Madrid, where the epidemic peaked in April. Then a field hospital was opened, where…

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  • An ambulance doctor described the stages of death from the words of patients

    An ambulance doctor described the stages of death from the words of patients

    (ORDO NEWS) — Thomas Fleischmann, emergency doctor, spoke about the stages of death. The man saw more than 2000 deaths during his work in Germany and Switzerland, so he has no experience. During his work, the physician found a number of coincidences and patterns. Thus, at first, dying people experience a sudden change of state. Anxiety, pain and worries go away. These feelings are replaced by peace and joy. The…

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  • Experts warn pharmaceutical companies are not ready for the Nipah virus pandemic

    Experts warn pharmaceutical companies are not ready for the Nipah virus pandemic

    (ORDO NEWS) — In 2019, starting from China, the coronavirus pandemic spread at an incredible speed around the world. Today, due to mutations, new strains continue to appear. Health professionals worry that if another dangerous Nipah virus outbreak occurs, it could lead to a terrible global disaster. Some time ago, the Access to Medicine Foundation, which is based in the Netherlands, published a report. It points out that the world’s…

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  • British type of coronavirus found in 70 countries

    “British” type of coronavirus found in 70 countries

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The “British” type of coronavirus infection has already been identified in 70 countries, the South African – in 31. This was announced on Wednesday, January 27, at the World Health Organization (WHO). “Since the last update on January 19, the VOC-202012/01 variant has been discovered in ten more countries. As of January 25, a total of 70 countries in all six WHO regions have reported…

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  • WHO new advice on the treatment of Covid 19

    WHO new advice on the treatment of Covid-19

    (ORDO NEWS) — The World Health Organization (WHO) today released new advice on treating patients infected with Covid-19, including those who continue to show symptoms after recovery, reports Reuters. “The new advice in today’s update is that people who have Covid-19 and are being treated at home should have their oxygen levels constantly monitored to see if their condition is improving or if they need to be treated in hospital,”…

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  • Vaccinated people can still infect coronavirus

    Vaccinated people can still infect coronavirus

    (ORDO NEWS) — Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy chief physician, noted that after receiving the vaccine, people can still infect their environment. As a result, the chain of infection is not interrupted. In the UK, doctors urged citizens who received the vaccine to adhere to quarantine rules anyway, otherwise there would be no effect from mass vaccination. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the vaccines would actually help in the long term,…

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  • First 3D Photo of Coronavirus

    First 3D Photo of Coronavirus

    (ORDO NEWS) — So this is how you look! Until now, there has only been computer graphics of the coronavirus. Now Austrian researchers have photographed SARS-CoV-2 in 3D for the first time. This image is taken from 3D images of the real SARS-CoV- 2 virus from instantly frozen samples. They are created by Nanographics, a subsidiary of the Vienna University of Technology. They are based on data from researchers at…

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  • can vitamin D protect against covid 19

    Can vitamin D protect against covid-19?

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — What if vitamin D can prevent COVID-19 infection and severe disease? Published January 8 in La Revue du Practitionien, an open letter signed by 73 experts and six French scientific communities invites physicians to prescribe vitamin D to infected individuals and the general population. The idea put forward is not new. This winter, the UK launched a campaign to distribute vitamin D supplements free of…

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  • Secrets of making delicious German mulled wine

    Secrets of making delicious German mulled wine

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In winter, Germans love to get together and drink hot mulled wine together. This year, due to the epidemic, friends cannot enjoy each other’s company. Fortunately, mulled wine is not difficult to prepare yourself. Like many Germans, I have prepared various ingredients in advance so that I can demonstrate my skills at home and experience that unforgettable winter mood. A drink from ancient Rome German…

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  • Do bananas help us lose or gain weight

    Do bananas help us lose or gain weight?

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Banana is one of the most popular fruits for weight gain So do bananas lose weight or gain weight? How many bananas should you eat to gain weight? What are the benefits of bananas for the body? We will try to answer these questions in this article. In fact, bananas do not contain anything that could lead to weight gain. However, it should be remembered…

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  • Pfizer

    Bad news about Pfizer vaccine

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — During a pandemic, pharmaceutical companies reign supreme. European states are convinced of this the hard way, having become victims of manipulation by Pfizer and BioNTech, who have found a way to cut the supply of vaccine vials to European states by 20% on the pretext that a sixth dose can be extracted from them. This step will significantly increase the profits of companies and, it…

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  • the main eye symptoms of coronavirus infection

    The main “eye symptoms” of coronavirus infection

    (ORDO NEWS) — A survey involving a small number of people infected with the coronavirus showed what three “eye manifestations” can be accompanied by Covid-19. Covid-19 is mainly a respiratory illness, implying symptoms like fever, dry cough, fatigue, muscle pain. In addition, as we already know, the coronavirus in most cases accompanies the loss of smell and taste. Less common, for example, are skin lesions on the hands and feet,…

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  • Chinese Foreign Minister told where the coronavirus came from

    Another dangerous new strain of coronavirus found in the US

    (ORDO NEWS) — In Illinois and neighboring states, biologists have discovered a previously unknown strain of a new type of coronavirus. It is highly infectious and does not look like the “British” SARS-CoV-2. An article describing the new strain has been published by the electronic scientific library bioRxiv. “We discovered a new strain of coronavirus, 20C-US, which first appeared in the southern United States at the end of May last…

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