Drinking water before bed is dangerous: reason

(ORDO NEWS) — Drinking water before bed is a completely natural action for many. However, this seemingly harmless habit can be bad for your health. Of course, drinking enough fluids every day is necessary, but drinking water before bed is not a good idea.

You may not have thought about this before, but there is a good chance that drinking water will disrupt your sleep cycle. According to the portal glamour.hu, it is best to stop drinking large amounts of liquid two hours before bedtime and not drink water at all a few minutes before bedtime. If you don’t give it up, it’s highly likely that the body will become over-hydrated, which can eventually negatively affect the quality of sleep.

You can wake up at night

If there is too much fluid in the body, you are more likely to wake up at night with the desire to go to the toilet. This can disrupt the sleep cycle, which will negatively affect its quality. If this continues in the long term, insomnia may occur.

Know what’s good for you

Of course, it is important that there is a sufficient amount of liquid in the body, but it is worth paying attention to when we drink. If a small glass of water helps you sleep, there’s nothing wrong with drinking it. Staying hydrated while you sleep has many positive effects, but balance is key and it’s important to observe how water intake affects sleep quality.

How to drink water?

So that you don’t feel the desire to drink before bed, you need to pay more attention to providing the body with water throughout the day. You can, for example, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

Nighttime urination may indicate illness

You should also pay special attention to the need to urinate at night, which can be felt even if you drink almost no fluids before bed. This may be nocturia, that is, nocturnal urination. Usually it is characteristic of people who do not have a phase of deep sleep.

People with nocturia very often wake up at night with the urge to urinate, although they do not always need to. Getting up to go to the toilet at night can cause problems such as lack of sleep, daytime sleepiness, lack of concentration and coordination, reduced creativity, and mood changes.


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