‘The Little Mermaid’ remake teaser hits over a million dislikes on YouTube

(ORDO NEWS) — According to Return YouTube Dislike, a Chrome browser extension, a teaser for the new adaptation of The Little Mermaid received over a million dislikes on YouTube within the first two days of its release. The premiere of the new version of the tape is scheduled for May 26, 2023.

On September 10, the Walt Disney Film Company presented the first teaser trailer for the feature film The Little Mermaid, a remake of the studio’s 1989 cartoon of the same name. By September 12, the video had received more than a million dislikes on YouTube, according to Return YouTube Dislike (an extension for the Chrome browser), which allows you to view the number of negative ratings under publications on the service. The platform stopped displaying the number of dislikes under videos in November last year.

By 17:00 on September 12, the video, according to Return YouTube Dislike, had already gained more than 1.2 million dislikes with about 338,000 positive ratings. In total, the teaser for the new version of The Little Mermaid was viewed by 9.3 million users. In the comments to the video, most users share jokes with references to other films or recall scenes from the original project that, in their opinion, the film lacks.

The film adaptation of The Little Mermaid, starring American actress and singer Halle Bailey, is scheduled to premiere on May 26, 2023. John Hauer-King will play Prince Eric in the new version, Javier Bardem will play King Triton, and Melissa McCarthy will play the role of the sea witch Ursula.

The project was directed by Rob Marshall, who previously worked on Mary Poppins Returns and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides for Disney. The musical film will feature both songs from the original cartoon and compositions written specifically for the film.


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