Crop circles cost farmers thousands in lost revenue

(ORDO NEWS) — The English “crop drawings” phenomenon is inexplicable and strange, now the authorities have decided more seriously to try to deal with this phenomenon, which causes enormous damage to farmers and they demand answers due to the sharp increase in world grain prices

Since 2018, crop circles have affected the territory in England more than 40 football fields. Farmers lost £30,000 of income between 2018 and 2022 as a result of 92 circles of varying sizes. Wheat and barley lost during this period could have made 300,000 loaves of bread, and 600 liters of canola oil from laid rapeseed.

Crop circles have been the focus of particular attention this year due to their undesirable damage to farmers’ crops during the global food crisis. Grain prices have risen sharply.

The price per tonne of wheat in the London futures markets has jumped 30% since 2021, and the price of barley is up nearly 40%, making crop circles much more damaging to farmers’ wallets.

“They destroyed all the wheat, about three or four tons,” says George Hosford, a tenant farmer in North Dorset.

Waking up on July 18, 2021, Hosford found that during the night a circle with a diameter of 70 meters had formed on one of his fields with seven symmetrical points.

“He was in a very remote place. He could not be observed from anywhere, except for a small piece of land of my neighbor – he was the one who pointed me to him,” Hosford explained.

Hosford estimated that he lost about £1,000 of income due to crop circles. He has already spent nearly £200 on fertilizer, seeds and other maintenance costs for the damaged site.

After the appearance of crop circles, crowds of people rush there, which often exacerbates the damage, they enter the field and trample the untouched areas.

Although “circle makers” usually do not damage the grains by crushing them, harvesting the affected areas becomes nearly impossible.

Hosford explained that harvesters cannot cut below 15 centimeters from the ground.

“Otherwise you’re scraping soil and rocks and breaking the car,” he said.

Farmers affected by crop circles have few remedies as overage fees are often too high to make a claim.

Hosford said he did not report the crop circle to police in July as he was under the impression that it would not have been taken seriously.

While 15 crop circles covered about 55,000 square meters of crops in Wiltshire between 2021 and 2022, police in the area have only received three reports of criminal damage related to these incidents, according to data obtained through freedom of information requests.

Crop circles disproportionately affect farmers in Wiltshire, with 63% of all reported incidents since 2018 occurring in the county.

Patty Greer, a crop circle researcher based in Colorado, USA, told The Guardian: “Wiltshire has been the epicenter of documented crop circles for the past 40 years.

Many crop circles have been located near the Avebury stone circle, Stonehenge and Glastonbury. Almost all of them have been documented. crop circles are located on a ley line, which is a straight line between two sacred places on a map.”

Neighboring Hampshire is also a popular spot for crop circles, and since 2018, 27% of all crop circles in England have been recorded here. The remaining 10% of incidents were spread between Dorset, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey and Warwickshire.

Of course, in the media one can often read statements that all these circles are the work of people “with sticks and ropes”, but not everything is so simple. Despite all the efforts made by the farmers, they did not manage to catch a single person “at the scene of the crime”, and crop circles continue to appear literally overnight.

Perhaps the authorities will pay attention to the complaints of farmers, but will this help stop the emergence of new crop circles? So far, neither patrols, nor the installation of surveillance cameras, nor other measures taken by farmers have led to the capture of “intruders.”


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