In the Turkish Lake Van, an ancient pier was discovered in the rock due to a drop in water level

(ORDO NEWS) — In Lake Van, an ancient pier emerged from under the water. This is reported by the Arkeonews publication, which also published photographs of the pier.

Lake Van is located in the east of Turkey in the Armenian Highlands. It is famous not only for its large size, but also for the abundance of ancient monuments dating back to the Neolithic era.

Excessive evaporation due to heat and low rainfall in the last 10 years has led to lower water levels. Thanks to this, an ancient structure, a stone pier carved into the rock, came to the surface.

It was located at the foot of the ancient castle of the period of the kingdom of Urartu (IX-VI centuries BC). The coastal castle itself has been known to scientists for a long time, it has been repeatedly studied.

However, for the first time, archaeologists had the opportunity to explore the ancient port without diving under water.

Experts believe that this pier received ships and boats that delivered various goods to the castle, as well as the necessary building materials.

Scientists have discovered and have already studied a three-meter-wide section carved into the rock. Probably, there was a passage through which the goods delivered across the lake were lifted to the castle.

The construction of such a pier is very laborious, which indicates that the inhabitants of Urartu attached great importance to water transport. This is the first such structure discovered in the region.


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