• A boy with antibodies to SARS CoV 2 coronavirus was born in Singapore

    A boy with antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was born in Singapore

    (ORDO NEWS) — Celine Ng-Chan, a 31-year-old resident of Singapore, gave birth to a child who has been diagnosed with antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, The Straits Times reported. Ng-Chan fell ill with Covid-19 in March after a family vacation in Europe. At that moment she was in her tenth week of pregnancy. The disease was mild, and the woman was discharged from the hospital after two and a half…

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  • The oldest reef fish found off the coast of Australia

    The oldest reef fish found off the coast of Australia

    (ORDO NEWS) — This perch-like macolor was born in the last years of the Great Depression, survived the Second World War and thus earned the title of long-liver among the reef fish found to date. Off the coast of Western Australia, in the Indian Ocean, they found a spotted macolor (Macolor macularis), belonging to the species of ray-finned fish of the snapper family of the order perciformes. The peculiarity of…

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  • Britain announced the interception of Russian Tu 142 over the North Sea

    Britain announced the interception of Russian Tu-142 over the North Sea

    (ORDO NEWS) — British Typhoon fighters on Saturday morning were lifted into the air from Lossiemouth airbase in Scotland to escort two Tu-142 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, flying over the waters of the North Sea “near the borders of United Kingdom airspace.” This is stated in a message released by the press service of the British Air Force. The document argues that Russian warplanes can allegedly pose a…

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  • No border violations allowed Russian Su 27 escorted a US plane over the Black Sea

    “No border violations allowed”: Russian Su-27 escorted a US plane over the Black Sea

    (ORDO NEWS) — The Russian Su-27 fighter flew to escort the US spy plane over the neutral waters of the Black Sea. The Russian fighter’s crew identified the aerial target as a US Air Force RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft and escorted it. After a change in course by an American aircraft and its removal from the Russian border, the Su-27 returned to base. The Ministry of Defense noted that no…

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  • Australia hit by a wave of sweltering heat

    Australia hit by a wave of sweltering heat

    (ORDO NEWS) — The prolonged heatwave that sweeps through New South Wales this weekend will create a severe fire hazard and sultry temperatures in excess of 40 degrees for much of Sydney. Saturday night can challenge the record books for the warmest November evening, as the Bureau of Meteorology warns people to stay out of the shadows. Temperatures could soar up to 42 degrees in western Sydney on Sunday. Bureau…

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  • There is a jump in radiation near Chernobyl

    The radiation level in Chernobyl jumped thousands of times

    (ORDO NEWS) — On November 25, environmental activists presented data that the level of radiation pollution suddenly increased in the area of ​​the exclusion zone. The indicators have excelled hundreds and even thousands of times. No one knows exactly what the changes are related to. Measurements took place on 17.11 in different settlements. In the already deserted village of Stechanka at 10:55 am, the radiation was 117,000 WIP / hour.…

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  • Discovered Chinese Atlantis about 2000 years old

    Discovered Chinese Atlantis about 2000 years old

    (ORDO NEWS) — In Chang’an County (China), after the construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Xin’an River, Lake Qiandao arose. Due to the flood 600 years ago, the valley was under water. The ancient city of Shicheng was flooded. Archaeologists have noted that the city was erected between 25-200 AD. Then the settlement was named “Chinese Atlantis”. The necropolis was lost forever, but its ruins are still at…

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  • Egyptian mummy

    Modern technology has revealed the secret of the Egyptian mummy

    (ORDO NEWS) — The ancient Egyptians always made mummies of the upper strata of the population to facilitate their journey to the afterlife. After the arrival of the Romans on their land, the inhabitants of Egypt made one detail: they began to paint portraits of the dead on sarcophagi instead of using masks. Thanks to this, even after two thousand years, it is possible to establish the appearance of a…

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  • what the secret meeting between Pompeo Netanyahu and Saudi prince Ibn Salman portends

    What the secret meeting between Pompeo, Netanyahu and Saudi prince Bin Salman portends

    (ORDO NEWS) — The Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister denied information about Pompeo’s unofficial meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in the city of Neom on the Red Sea coast. According to the editor-in-chief of Rai al-Youm, the attempts of the Saudis to justify themselves look very unconvincing, while the Israelis did not remain silent. Netanyahu visited Saudi Arabia, where he met with Crown…

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  • Russia reacted to border violation by US destroyer

    Russia reacted to border violation by US destroyer

    (ORDO NEWS) — Russian politicians and experts commented on the incident with the American destroyer John McCain, which violated the country’s maritime borders. They called the incident a political provocation and rudeness. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense reported that the destroyer entered the Russian territorial waters in the Peter the Great Gulf for two kilometers. Having received a warning from the large anti-submarine ship of the Pacific Fleet “Admiral Vinogradov”,…

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  • Archaeologists have named the real growth of the biblical giant Goliath

    Archaeologists have named the real growth of the biblical giant Goliath

    (ORDO NEWS) — Biblical scripture says that Goliath was “four cubits and a span” in height and was characterized by unprecedented power. Only David, the future king of Judah, could defeat him. For a long time, scientists have tried to find out whether there really was a man of such a large stature, and, it seems, managed to get to the bottom of the truth. In ancient times, different counting…

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  • Geologists have discovered at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake bloodbaths

    Geologists have discovered at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake bloodbaths

    (ORDO NEWS) — Yellowstone National Park covers an area of ​​approximately 5,600 square kilometers. This park is located on top of a supervolcano in the western part of the United States. In the center of the park there is a huge, but shallow lake. It appeared about 640 thousand years ago. Due to the fact that a huge number of earthquakes occur in this area every year, the environment in…

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  • Where is the golden top of the Great Pyramid 2

    Where is the golden top of the Great Pyramid?

    (ORDO NEWS) — The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most geometrically perfect structures ever built on planet Earth. Tons of scientific papers have been written about the pyramids, a huge amount of research has been carried out, but there is no answer to a simple question – where is the golden top and why is it not even trying to install a copy of it in its…

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  • Noctilucent clouds over Russia in November shocked local residents

    Noctilucent clouds over Russia in November shocked local residents

    (ORDO NEWS) — On November 22, the inhabitants of Russia noticed a strange phenomenon – bright silvery clouds. The observers were shocked. They decided that something terrible was happening in the atmosphere, since anomalous clouds had appeared. The first photo reports of the observation came from Cheboksary. The picture shows the horizon gleaming with an ominous pearl light at 06:20. Then materials came from Kaliningrad. It became clear to people…

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  • Scientists predicted the breakup of Madagascar into several islands in the future

    Scientists predicted the breakup of Madagascar into several islands in the future

    (ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the United States, Portugal and Madagascar have found that the fault in the earth’s crust, which is gradually expanding and separating East Africa from the rest of the continent, turned out to be more complex in structure than previously thought. The fracture in the earth’s crust, which is gradually expanding and separates East Africa from the rest of the continent, turned out to be more…

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  • Hidden message found in 15th century manuscript

    Hidden message found in 15th century manuscript

    (ORDO NEWS) — Rochester Institute of Technology students discovered a hidden message in the pages of an ancient manuscript. The 15th century manuscript is now being studied by historians who must decipher the hidden text. Sometimes the secrets of ancient letters and artifacts can be hidden for centuries, until scientists accidentally stumble upon them. Using UV fluorescence imaging technology, the young scientists discovered that the manuscript was actually a palimpsest,…

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  • Mysterious metal object found while counting sheep in Utah

    Mysterious metal object found while counting sheep in Utah

    (ORDO NEWS) — Since the monolith was discovered on the surface of the Earth’s satellite, the Moon, in the popular movie “A Space Odyssey of 2001”, which was filmed by Stanley Kubrick, there was no mysterious object that would baffle the best scientists around the world. On Friday, a snapshot was posted on social media by the Utah patrol, which intrigued many users. A strange metal object is clearly visible…

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  • Everest

    Plastic was first discovered at the top of Mount Everest

    (ORDO NEWS) — British climbers obtained samples from two dozen regions within the “death zone” and “balcony” of the mountain. Scientists have found in the snow samples collected in the vicinity of the summit of Everest , several microparticles of plastic, the origin of which remains a mystery to environmentalists. This was announced on Friday by the press service of the University of Plymouth with reference to an article in…

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  • Bill Gates not entirely happy coronavirus outlook

    Bill Gates’ not entirely happy coronavirus outlook

    (ORDO NEWS) — In the next six months, we should not expect an improvement in the situation with the coronavirus. The news about the disease will soon be extremely bad. The not-so-happy prediction regarding COVID-19 comes from Microsoft founder Bill Gates. He stated that in cold weather, the virus begins to multiply at an incredible rate. At the same time, people will spend more time indoors, which will not have…

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  • Unknown constellations discovered in ancient Egyptian temple

    Unknown constellations discovered in ancient Egyptian temple

    (ORDO NEWS) — About a century ago, in Esna (60 km south of the Egyptian Luxor), scientists discovered an ancient temple, where they began restoration work. During the restoration of an ancient structure, archaeologists often make amazing finds. A layer of soot on the walls hid inscriptions, paintings and hieroglyphs from two thousand years ago. In some areas, constellations are shown. So, scientists made out the Big Dipper and Orion.…

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  • In Greece a storm washed up a mysterious creature

    In Greece, a storm washed up a mysterious creature

    (ORDO NEWS) — During a storm on the Greek island of Crete, a strange beast was thrown ashore. Local residents have no idea what exactly this creature is. The animal has absolutely no hair, it resembles a small hippopotamus with four legs. This creature was washed from the water literally a couple of days after a strong bad weather hit the coast near Heraklion and the sea began to rage…

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  • Belgian genocide in Congo

    Belgian genocide in Congo

    (ORDO NEWS) — European history of the 19th century appears to be an era of enlightenment and final development of the Earth. Courageous Europeans conquered the last undiscovered corners of the planet, bringing the light of civilization to savages. But the tracks of this progress were often smeared with aboriginal blood. In the middle of the 19th century, despite the numerous appropriations of African territories by the colonialists, vast lands…

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  • Dakar Senegal March

    Over 100 people contract an unknown disease in Senegal

    (ORDO NEWS) — More than 100 fishermen have contracted an unknown disease in western Senegal, according to local newspaper Dakaractu. The outbreak is located between the port cities of Rufisk and Mbour, near the capital of the country, Dakar. The sick have skin rashes in the form of scabs. It is assumed that the source of the unknown disease is on the high seas, since only fishermen who went fishing…

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  • corona

    Mysterious virus: did covid-19 really come from Wuhan?

    (ORDO NEWS) — WHO has created a group of “virological detectives” whose goal is to find out where the sars-cov-2 virus came from. If earlier it was believed that people got the disease from bats in Wuhan, China, now scientists have doubted this. One of the prerequisites is large-scale outbreaks of infection on European mink farms. Where did the sars-cov-2 virus that causes covid-19 disease actually come from? WHO has…

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  • Ancient sailors in Antarctica

    Ancient sailors in Antarctica

    (ORDO NEWS) — Recently, cartographers have discovered a fairly accurate representation of Antarctica on geographical maps of the 16th century, and, what is most surprising, without its ice cap. But where did medieval geographers get information about the coastline of this remote continent, and was it really ice-free in the relatively recent past? According to existing scientific ideas, ice has bound Antarctica for millions of years! The sensational discovery baffled…

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  • 1920 united nations 1184119 1920 2

    UN spokesman warns next year will be even worse than 2020

    (ORDO NEWS) — In 2021, as the UN spokesman put it, “a famine of biblical proportions” will be further exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. It will be much heavier than 2020. The head of the US world food program, David Beasley, said that if several billion pounds of funding were not received in the future, then in 2021 many people could suffer from hunger. The coronavirus pandemic has put the global…

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  • Asteroid 2020 VT4 flew near Earth at record close distance

    Asteroid 2020 VT4 flew near Earth at record close distance

    (ORDO NEWS) — The newly discovered asteroid 2020 VT4 flew past Earth at a very close distance of just 6746 km on November 13, 2020. This makes it the closest known asteroid. 2020 VT4 is the 91st known asteroid to fly past Earth within 1 lunar distance since the beginning of the year and 6th this month. The object was first seen at ATLAS-MLO, Mauna Loa, Hawaii on November 14,…

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  • Africa is falling apart

    Africa is falling apart

    (ORDO NEWS) — New research shows that tectonic shifts along the East African Rift System are slowly tearing the continent apart. A team of geologists found that Africa is breaking up into several smaller and larger tectonic blocks, thus creating a new ocean basin and forcing Madagascar to disintegrate into smaller islands in the Indian Ocean. The only good news is that the decay will not happen any time soon,…

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  • Whats wrong with this hole on Mars

    What’s wrong with this hole on Mars

    (ORDO NEWS) — Mars is a wild but beautiful place full of mysteries. A perfect example of this statement is a photograph of a hollow mountain that appears to have been hollowed out. This is not the result of some strange mining experiment, and the mountain is indeed hollow. But what you see is a lava skylight, a product of ancient volcanic activity beneath the surface of Mars. The area…

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  • Egyptologist has solved the mystery of the lost mummy of Pharaoh Djoser

    Egyptologist has solved the mystery of the “lost mummy” of Pharaoh Djoser

    (ORDO NEWS) — The oldest pyramid in Egypt is considered to be the one that was erected for the pharaoh Djoser. Its age is about 4700 years. The construction was supervised by the architect Imhotep. But to this day, scientists have not been able to find either the mummies of the pharaoh himself, or the remains of his architect. Finally, experts seem to have been able to unravel the mystery…

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  • one of the largest diamonds in history

    One of the largest diamonds in history

    (ORDO NEWS) — A giant diamond weighing 998 carats was found in Botswana. The stone ranked fifth on the list of the largest diamonds ever discovered, writes Bloomberg. The find was made by the small Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond at the Karowe mine. This is not the first super-large stone for the mine and the company as a whole. In 2019, Lucara mined a 1,758-carat Rare Find diamond in…

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  • Creepy mermaid tongue found on the coast of Australia

    Creepy “mermaid tongue” found on the coast of Australia

    (ORDO NEWS) —  A strange creature was thrown onto a beach in the Australian state of Queensland, according to the Daily Mail. It is noted that a woman named Catherine Nguyen discovered something on the shore of Moreton Island that very vaguely resembled a language. Social media users began to speculate about what it was. Various versions have been expressed – that it is the language of a mermaid, a…

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  • Greenlands glaciers will continue to disappear even if global warming stops

    There may be a 1000 km river under the ice of Greenland

    (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have found a reservoir hidden from people’s eyes, the existence of which has to be confirmed instrumentally. In Greenland, there may be more water than previously thought – in addition to the already known glaciers on the surface, scientists have discovered underground lakes and now suspect the existence of a subglacial river. The study of the SICOPOLIS climate model, which will allow us to understand the…

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