• Sunken city

    Sunken city with Greek graves discovered in Egypt

    (ORDO NEWS) — Divers found the remains of a warship that sank in the ancient city of Thonis-Heraklion. For a long time, this city was considered the largest port in Egypt. Also, Greek graves were discovered, which proves the visit of Greek merchants to Egypt at that time. This is reported by This ancient city has long been considered the main city in the entire region. Its meaning changed…

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  • Deadly downpours in Europe just the beginning alarming forecast announced

    Deadly downpours in Europe – just the beginning: alarming forecast announced

    (ORDO NEWS) — In Europe, bad weather makes itself felt in July. It not only led to dire consequences in many countries, but also caused a lot of destruction. At the same time, experts believe that this is just the beginning and in the near future it is worth preparing for more serious and dangerous weather conditions. It is reported by DW. Andrea Fink emphasized the fact that the rainfall…

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  • US residents will pay a fine for touching a rare animal

    US residents will pay a fine for touching a rare animal

    (ORDO NEWS) — A married couple from Louisiana was vacationing on one of the Hawaiian islands and noticed a seal on the shore. They decided to pet the sea animal, but at the same time they did not even suspect that the seal was under protection. Now the newlyweds will have to pay a fine for what they did. Reported by the Associated Press. The girl shot a video in…

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  • China records first human death from monkey virus

    NEW: China records first human death from monkey virus

    (ORDO NEWS) — In China, experts have recorded the first death from the monkey virus. One of the veterinarians in Beijing contracted the disease. It is known that the very first manifestations of pathology in the infected were discovered in mid-spring, some time after he examined two dead monkeys. The man was worried about constant nausea and severe vomiting. Doctors were unable to establish the cause of such symptoms and…

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  • Ancient gold artifacts discovered near Kharkov

    Ancient gold artifacts discovered near Kharkov

    (ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists carried out excavations near Kharkov and discovered a 9th century burial, which has been preserved in excellent condition. In it, experts found not only the remains, but also many artifacts from the settlement of the Alans. The tomb contained a huge number of coins that were used during the existence of the Khazar Khaganate, as well as various items made of bronze, gold and even wood.…

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  • Ancient bronze helmet discovered in Croatia

    Ancient bronze helmet discovered in Croatia

    (ORDO NEWS) — In Croatia, experts have discovered an ancient bronze helmet, which was used in Greece during the Greco-Persian wars. He was found in one of the tombs located in Croatian Dalmatia. It is reported by A Greek warrior was buried in the investigated tomb around the 4th century BC. It is worth noting that a helmet with an open face appeared in the Peloponnese in the 8th…

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  • In Italy a suitcase with cocaine fell on the roof of a house

    In Italy, a suitcase with cocaine fell on the roof of a house

    (ORDO NEWS) — A suitcase with drugs fell on the roof of one of the houses located on the island of Sardinia in the small town of Baratili San Pietro. They found 8.5 kg of a narcotic substance in it. Such an unusual cargo would cost 9 million euros. The suitcase was carefully dropped from a small plane flying at low altitude over private houses. Reported by The Guardian. The…

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  • South Korea

    The grave of the “giant” was discovered in South Korea

    (ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from South Korea were engaged in excavations in the necropolis, which was erected during the reign of Sil.  Archaeologists managed to find the remains of a man who was very tall. “Giant” died almost fifteen hundred years ago. Scientists examined the skeleton and determined that its height was 180 cm. At the same time, the average height at that time was not more than 165 cm…

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  • In India prisoners escaped with salt and pepper

    In India, prisoners escaped with salt and pepper

    (ORDO NEWS) — In India, seven prisoners escaped from prison. In order to make such an original escape, they used only salt and pepper. Reported by the Hindustan Times. This event happened in a prison, which is located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The prisoners were supposed to go to dinner. For this, the guards released them from their cameras. The prisoners suddenly started throwing a mixture of salt,…

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  • Indian resident sterilized instead of COVID 19 vaccine

    Indian resident sterilized instead of COVID-19 vaccine

    (ORDO NEWS) — A deaf and dumb man from the small village of Bishanper in India, instead of the promised coronavirus vaccine, underwent a procedure such as a vasectomy. It is reported by the Times of India. Dhruva Kumar was taken away from his home by a local activist to allegedly get an urgent COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, the man was sterilized at a local hospital and not even taken home.…

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  • Global warming

    Global warming turned out to be unrelated to hurricanes

    (ORDO NEWS) — American climatologists in search of the reasons for the increase in the number of hurricanes in the Atlantic have found that global warming has nothing to do with it. Although ecologists in any incomprehensible situation like to refer to global warming, this time it turned out to be nothing to do with it. Scientists from Princeton University in the course of the study found the reason for…

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  • Easter Island

    The myth of the disappearance of the ancient civilization of Easter Island is dispelled

    (ORDO NEWS) — The myth says that in 1722 Europeans were met by literally a couple of thousand inhabitants of Easter Island. Scientists conducted a study and suggested that no demographic collapse, which became the basis for the myth, actually did not occur. SciTechDaily reports. The myth also says that people living on Easter Island were forced to cut down almost all the trees. They needed more land in order…

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  • Death rate due to rising temperatures will increase

    Death rate due to rising temperatures will increase

    (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists suggested that it is possible to lower the death rate as a result of the heat, but for this it is necessary to take effective measures at once in all countries of the planet. Global warming provokes a rapid rise in temperature, and experts are trying to establish how this affects mortality. reports. Some time ago, scientists conducted a study that showed that in the…

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  • In China parents sent their 13 year old daughter to a desert island

    In China, parents sent their 13-year-old daughter to a desert island

    (ORDO NEWS) — In the Chinese provinces of Shandong, a very original and at the same time extreme punishment was invented for a 13-year-old girl. She behaved too badly, so the parents decided to send their daughter to a desert island for educational purposes. Reported by NewsBeezer. The child was discovered by accident by a fisherman who was swimming nearby. He said that he heard the loud screams of a…

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  • A banquet hall erected in the time of Christ was discovered in Jerusalem

    A banquet hall erected in the time of Christ was discovered in Jerusalem

    (ORDO NEWS) — Just a week ago, experts presented several more parts of what resembles an incredibly beautiful and rich banquet hall. Fountains were installed in it, and the hall itself is located near the Temple Mount. It was built about two thousand years ago. It is reported by Scientists have divided the entire discovery process into stages. In 1867, the “Hall of the Freemasons” was found, which after…

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  • Remains of a jug with a rare name from the Bible discovered in Israel

    Remains of a jug with a rare name from the Bible discovered in Israel

    (ORDO NEWS) — Excavations are underway in the southern part of Israel. Archaeologists, while exploring the next site, discovered a fragment of an old jug on which the name Jerobaal was written. This name was popularly called Gideon and it is found in the Bible. So far, experts cannot provide information about who exactly owned the jug and therefore put forward a variety of versions. This is reported by The inscription was…

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  • Archaeologist

    Archaeologist from Greece believes that he was able to discover the tomb of the mother of Alexander the Great

    (ORDO NEWS) — In the northern part of Greece, some time ago, excavations were carried out in the tomb of Korinos. Most likely, one expert managed to find the lost grave of the mother of Alexander the Great, whose name was Olympias. This is reported by Ancient Origins. Professor Athanasios Bidas believes that he has a sufficient amount of evidence and therefore can argue that the tomb really belongs to…

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  • Book of the Dead

    Egyptologists put together a torn 2300-year-old “Book of the Dead” scroll

    (ORDO NEWS) — Thanks to the use of modern technologies and the possibility of digitizing documents, specialists were able to easily restore a torn scroll, which is included in the world-famous Book of the Dead. It should be noted that the age of this unique artifact reaches 2300 years. It is reported by Live Science. One of the fragments of this scroll has been kept for a long time in a…

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  • Mosquitoes

    Mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus found in 7 US states

    (ORDO NEWS) — Mosquito bites are very uncomfortable at best. Very often, these insects are carriers of dangerous diseases. For example, experts have recorded mosquitoes in 7 different US states that carry the West Nile virus. To date, cases of infection of residents of different states have already been recorded. Reported by The Hill. Health authorities have provided evidence that mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus have been found in several…

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  • The Earth began to absorb twice as much solar radiation

    The Earth began to absorb twice as much solar radiation

    (ORDO NEWS) — The earth began to absorb a lot of heat. For 15 years, the amount of solar radiation that penetrates the planet has doubled. Researchers from NASA and the National Oceanic and Satellite Administration of the upper atmosphere have studied this phenomenon in more detail. Our planet absorbs heat from the Sun, and then gives off an equal amount of energy into space. In recent years, scientists have…

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  • The construction of a dam on the Nile can lead to military conflict

    The construction of a dam on the Nile can lead to military conflict

    (ORDO NEWS) — The UN Security Council is discussing the Great Renaissance Dam (Hydase Dam), which Ethiopia is currently building. The fact is that it can negatively affect countries that are located downstream of the river. The dam can provoke a military conflict. Politicians and economists have high hopes for construction. They are confident that the dam will help to overcome poverty. This is reported by Focus ya. The dam…

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  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic the demand for drugs has increased in the world

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for drugs has increased in the world

    (ORDO NEWS) — There are approximately 275 million drug addicts in the world today. More than 36 million of them suffer from various types of drug addiction disorders. According to experts, 5.5% of the world’s population used illegal drugs last year. Another 11 million inject drugs. Such disappointing statistics were provided by the authors of the report on drugs at the UN. According to the authors of the report, cannabis…

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  • The mysterious mass death of birds does not stop in the USA

    The mysterious mass death of birds does not stop in the US

    (ORDO NEWS) — Mass deaths of birds continue to be recorded in the United States. Most common in the South and Midwest. Blue jays, common and European starlings are dying. Biologists observe this pattern in 6 states, as well as in Washington and the District of Columbia. Reported by LEX18. A record high bird mortality has been recorded this year, according to Keith Slankard, bird biologist at the Kentucky Department…

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  • In Antarctica a lake suddenly disappeared

    In Antarctica, a lake suddenly disappeared

    (ORDO NEWS) — Where did the lake suddenly disappear in Antarctica? In June 2019, a large freshwater reservoir with a volume of 600-750 million cubic meters disappeared. It happened in less than a week. In the place where the tones of water used to be, a crater-like depression with an area of ​​about 11 square kilometers has formed. Scientists from the University of Tasmania have found out what happened to…

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  • earthquakes in Yellowstone

    US geologists told what causes a series of earthquakes in Yellowstone

    (ORDO NEWS) — The regular series of tremors that are recorded in Yellowstone National Park are no longer surprising to anyone. On the official website of the US Geological Survey, information was published regarding what is the cause of these earthquakes. Series of tremors are recorded by experts not only in Yellowstone, but also in some other places. Experts believe that there may be several reasons that provoke their appearance.…

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  • Scientists find the worlds first plague victim patient zero

    Scientists find the world’s first plague victim – patient zero

    (ORDO NEWS) — In the 1300s, Europeans suffered from a terrible disease – the plague, which claimed the lives of millions of people. Scientists suggested that they were able to detect patient zero – the first person who picked up a new bacterium for that time. It is reported by the BBC. According to Dr. Ben Krause-Kiora of the University of Kehl, he and his colleagues have the remains of…

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  • Ancient magic pools discovered in northern Italy

    Ancient magic pools discovered in northern Italy

    (ORDO NEWS) — During the Bronze Age, people living in northern Italy used wooden pools for magical rituals. They symbolized the path to the “other world”. The fact is that the water in them reflected the sky and, as it were, made a ritual corridor. The constructions are very complex structurally and have become a real discovery for archaeologists. Writes about this Science Daily. The pools were discovered in the…

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  • Wuhan Lab Scientists May Be Executed Over COVID 19 Leak

    Wuhan Lab Scientists May Be Executed Over COVID-19 Leak

    (ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese Communist Party is ready to take drastic measures of punishment, sentencing to death those responsible for the leak of coronavirus from a laboratory in Wuhan. But only if this version receives official confirmation. Ross Terrill, a researcher at the Harvard Center for Chinese Studies, told the most possible scenario. Reported by The Mirror. The expert has no doubts that the Chinese authorities can accuse the…

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  • Africa

    A new ocean will appear on Earth due to the split of Africa

    (ORDO NEWS) — The African continent is made up of several different tectonic plates. They move slowly all the time and gradually the distance between them increases. Africa consists of the Somali, Arabian and Nubian plates. In the future, such a distance may arise between them that another full-fledged ocean will form. It is reported by NBC News. As noted by experts from the University of Leeds, in one of…

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  • Fukushima

    Fukushima nuclear power plant accident leads to the emergence of a new species of wild boars

    (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists, led by Donovan Anderson at the University of Fukushima, followed how the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant triggered environmental changes. They noted the fact that wild boars are doing very well in the exclusion zone. They soon even started mating with pets. This is reported by the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The catastrophe happened ten years ago. The nuclear power plant was…

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  • 112 year old Puerto Rican became the oldest man on Earth

    112-year-old Puerto Rican became the oldest man on Earth

    (ORDO NEWS) — The oldest man on earth was born on August 8, 1908. To a surprise for himself, he got into the Guinness Book of Records, because today he has already turned 112 years old. Emilio Flores Marquez is a resident of Puerto Rico and he could not even imagine that he would become famous all over the world. At the same time, the long-liver feels great and plans to live for…

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  • In India an elephant came to say goodbye to its deceased trainer

    In India, an elephant came to say goodbye to its deceased trainer

    (ORDO NEWS) — Kunnakkad Damodaran Nair, known as Omanchetan, tended elephants in Kottayam, Kerala (India) for 60 years. On the day of the funeral, one of his wards elephants came to say goodbye to the trainer. The video with the saying goodbye to the elephant hit social networks, thousands of people around the world saw it and expressed their gesture of the animal. Reported by CNN-News18. The story of friendship…

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  • Chinese army uses AI to track UFOs

    Chinese army uses AI to track UFOs

    (ORDO NEWS) — The People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) has said it is keeping a close eye on UFOs. To do this, they use artificial intelligence. In China, there is not even such a term as an unidentified flying object. They used to say “unidentified air conditions.” Reported by the South China Morning Post. Chen Li, a spokesman for the Air Force, said that UFOs are very common. Because…

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