“Secret son” of the King of Great Britain wants to be recognized

(ORDO NEWS) — Queensland engineer Simon Charles Dorante-Day, who claims to be the illegitimate son of King Charles and his wife Camilla, wants to speak to his “father”. He is offended by the fact that he is not recognized in Buckingham.

Simon said he intended to come to the UK, get to Buckingham Palace and talk to the king. He is tired of proving his right to the throne and wants to be recognized. The man is firmly convinced that royal blood flows in his veins because his grandmother told him so.

Also, the “secret son” claims that he felt like an outcast all his life and understands King Charles perfectly.

Karl, and before the coronation Charles, was severely criticized by the people of Great Britain. They did not like him when they found out about the betrayal of Princess Diana.

Also, Simon would like to establish a family relationship with his brothers, especially with Harry. He is sure that his possible brother is also deeply offended by his father.

The Australian in his official address to the Royal Family stated the following: “I believe that the criticism of the Royal Family towards one of the princes is unfair.

I was especially outraged when I found out that Harry couldn’t wear his military uniform to his grandmother’s funeral. This upsets me very much.”

The Australian is worried about the life of Harry’s wife, he is sure that Meghan is in danger. He is sure that a racist society can harm a woman and supports their family.

The husband has no questions about Diana’s eldest son and the new king. He tries to delicately sidestep this topic. Most likely, he is afraid of harming a large family with his inquiries.

Dorante-Rey also wants to get a DTN test. He is trying to do it through the court. Most likely, he will not be heard in Buckingham Palace, and as soon as the man approaches the palace, he will immediately be sent to the police station.


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