For the first time in 59 years, Jupiter will come close to the Earth

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(ORDO NEWS) — One of the rare phenomena is expected on September 26 within the solar system. The planet Jupiter will come as close as possible to the Earth. For the first time in almost 60 years, it will be possible to observe something similar.

This phenomenon is unique not only because it happens rarely. The convergence of the planets this time will take place at the moment of their opposition.

This is the name given to the arrangement of celestial bodies in space when they are opposite each other. Only in this case, the Sun will be between the Earth and Jupiter.

Jupiter approaches our planet every year and opposes it every 13 months. But astronomers have not observed such a close distance for a long time.

The maximum convergence will be on September 25, and the next day the planets will come into conflict. At this time, you can take a good look at the beauty of Jupiter in telescopes. It will shine much brighter in the night sky.

On September 25-26, as well as a few days before and after these dates, the red giant will be the brightest in the night sky, excluding the Moon. Adam Kobelski, an astrophysicist from the Marshall Space Flight Center, told about it.

Due to the fact that the orbits in the solar system are not circular, but elliptical, the convergence of the planets can occur at different distances: large and small. Jupiter’s orbit is much larger than Earth’s.

Our planet needs only 365 days to make one revolution around the Sun, Jupiter needs 12 Earth years.

The average distance during the convergence, which was previously observed between the planets, was 960 million km, this time the distance will be almost halved to 590 million km.

Also, the astrophysicist added that with good powerful binoculars, anyone willing will be able to view the rings of Jupiter in the period from September 25 to 26.

At the same time, the phenomenon will have no effect on weather-dependent people. Equipment and mobile communications will continue to work properly.


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