Parents sue daughter they abandoned as a child

(ORDO NEWS) — A Chinese couple who abandoned their daughter when she was 2 suddenly reappeared in her life decades later. And when they found out that she was wealthy, they began to demand from her to buy a house for her brother.

Zhang was only 2 years old when her parents decided that they could no longer raise her and placed her in the care of her aunt. Since then, they have had little to no contact with her.

Zhang, 29, has always considered her aunt’s family to be her biological family. For this reason, she used part of her savings to help her cousin, whom she considers her brother, to buy an apartment.

However, she did not imagine that her generosity would suddenly make her biological parents come and ask her to buy an apartment for her biological brother.

According to Shandong Business Daily, Zhang’s biological parents demanded that she take care of their son, whom they left behind despite their financial difficulties.

When the young woman refused, they filed a lawsuit in the local court demanding 500,000 yuan (4,320,000 rubles) in “parental allowance”.

A Chinese court has issued a controversial verdict that has sparked outrage among Chinese social media users.

The court held that while Zhang was not required to donate property to her biological brother or otherwise help him financially, she was required by law to support her parents.

Filial piety is important in China, and the law clearly states that all adult children are legally obligated to support their biological parents, whether or not they fulfilled their parental responsibilities.

Basically, if they gave you life, you need to support them when you grow up if their income does not cover the needs of everyday life.

In this particular case, the court ruled that Zhang needed to negotiate with her biological parents and agree on the amount to pay child support.

The verdict sparked outrage online, with the vast majority of comments critical of Zhang’s parents.

“Are they vampires? Father sucked blood from his sister and now he and his wife want to suck blood from their daughter,” wrote one person.

“It’s so fortunate that Zhang didn’t grow up in her birth family. Terrible!” someone else commented.


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