Strongest magnetic storm in the last four years will cover the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — A powerful flare occurred on the Sun, which by September 17, 2022 will bring a magnetic storm to Earth. According to scientists, the coronal mass ejection of the star was the most powerful in the last four years.

Experts expect that geomagnetic disturbances will be no less strong in late September and early October.

The Observatory spacecraft discovered the source of the strongest solar flare back on September 12, and now the particles released by the luminary have reached the Earth.

This can lead to communication and power failures. At the same time, the northern lights will appear at night: the more intense the flash on the Sun, the brighter this spectacle.

Experts have long studied the sunspot, which is four times the size of our planet. That was the source of the outbreak. Solar activity is tracked by sunspots. It lives on an 11-year cycle and is now approaching a peak in July 2025.

To reduce the impact of magnetic storms, especially sensitive people are advised to drink more water, get enough sleep, refuse heavy and fatty foods, and play sports.

The previous magnetic storm took place in early August. It affected the operation of power grids and satellites. Fluctuations in the electromagnetic field of the planet also affect migratory animals.


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