Chinese scientists clone Arctic wolf for the first time

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese genetics company Sinogene Biotechnology has successfully cloned the world’s first wild Arctic wolf, named Maya.

100 days after she was born in a Beijing lab, the firm demonstrated the world’s first cloned wild Arctic wolf.

Scientists have reported that the wolf is in good health. Maya’s donor cell was obtained from a skin sample from a wild female Arctic wolf. His egg came from a female dog and the surrogate mother was a beagle, the report said.

The cloning of the Arctic wolf was accomplished by creating more than 130 new embryos from the eggs of a female dog and cells from a wild female Arctic wolf.

The scientists then transferred more than 80 embryos into the wombs of seven beagles, from which one healthy wolf was born.

Experts told the Global Times that the choice of a dog as a wolf surrogate was made due to the fact that dogs share a common genetic origin with ancient wolves.

This circumstance increases the likelihood of success in cloning technology.

The cloned wolf Maya now lives with her surrogate beagle in the lab. Later, it will be taken to the Harbin Polar Country, Heilongjiang Province in northeast China, and shown to the public.


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