King of Great Britain may have an illegitimate son

(ORDO NEWS) — In the near future, King Karl, aka Charles, will be at the center of gossip and scandals. The newly-minted monarch has already had patched shoes, nervousness, and of course he is still reminded of Diana’s betrayals.

However, this time the rumors are more than unusual. One Australian from Queensland claims to be the illegitimate son of the king and his wife Camilla. The man insists on conducting a DNA examination.

The possible son is only 56 years old. Considering that Charles is 73 and his wife Camilla is 75, he really fits the role of a son in terms of age.

This man is not the first to declare his rights to the throne. If earlier he did it on social networks, now he plans to go to court.

Self-proclaimed bastard Simon Charles-Day was born in Great Britain. When he was still 8 months old, the boy was adopted, and later the family moved to Australia.

Simon’s grandparents are known to have worked at Buckingham Palace. It was they who told the boy about his royal origin.

According to the official version, Charles and Camilla met much later than Simon was born. The difference in time is 5 years from the birthday of the possible prince.

The Palace carefully hid this secret so as not to spoil the reputation of the royal family, and Camilla was forced to give the child up for adoption.

She resisted for a long time, but agreed to this step in order to stay close to Charles, even in the role of a lover.

It is known that the man had a hard time experiencing the death of Elizabeth II, because he really considers her to be his own grandmother.

Also, he was actively interested in his place in the struggle for the throne, in case of his recognition by his family.

Only monarchs never do what they don’t want to do. Most likely, the Australian will be denied a DNA test in court. He will forever have to accept the fact that the royal family does not recognize him.


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