Kangaroo kills man in Western Australia

(ORDO NEWS) — An elderly man has died after being attacked by a pet kangaroo in the southern region of Western Australia.

Paramedics were called to the man’s home in Redmond, near Albany, on Sunday evening after the 77-year-old was discovered by a relative with serious injuries.

Police were called for help after the kangaroo became aggressive and prevented paramedics from reaching the wounded man, who tragically died at the scene.

Police believe it was a wild animal less than 12 months old, kept as a pet.

The kangaroo posed a constant threat to the rescuers, and the officers who arrived had to use firearms to euthanize him,” a police spokesman said.

Emergency services are yet to release details of the man’s injuries.

A coroner’s report will be prepared.

The attack took place at a site in Redmond, 27 kilometers northwest of Albany.

This is the first fatal kangaroo attack in Australia in 86 years.

The last fatal attack occurred in 1936, when 38-year-old hunter William Cruikshank tried to save his two dogs from a fight with kangaroos in Hillston, western New South Wales.

He suffered a fractured jaw and extensive head injuries and later died in hospital.

The Southern region is home to the western gray kangaroo, which can reach 70 kilograms and 97-223 centimeters from head to tail.


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