Scientists want to freeze the Earth’s poles again, but not everyone likes their plan : what’s wrong

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of scientists wants to try to freeze the ice caps that are rapidly melting at the Earth’s poles. However, the plan proposed by them causes a lot of controversy among experts.

The plan hopes to deploy 125 massive military aircraft that will release a plethora of microscopic aerosol chemicals over the North and South Poles.

A similar idea was proposed before, in particular by Bill Gates , but then it was about spraying chalk. Both plans have been criticized by individual scientists.

What they propose to do

According to the plan, microscopic particles of sulfur dioxide would be released at an altitude of 13 kilometers and block out some of the sunlight, protecting the polar regions from the heat of the sun.

Just over 13 tons of particles released at the right time of year could cool the polar regions by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Yale University researcher Wake Smith.

Thus, at least part of the glaciers that have disappeared in recent years can be restored. This will entail a decrease in sea level, the return of the former habitats of local animals, and more.


Critics met such a plan for solar geoengineering extremely negatively. They call it a “terrifying idea” and say the shading of the sun could have unpredictable consequences , including negative impacts on agricultural systems.

Experts recall last year’s experiment, which Harvard researchers tried to conduct in Sweden. They proposed testing the idea with meteorological balloons to collect preliminary data over the northern part of the country.

However, local residents found the experiment too controversial and forced the idea to be abandoned.

But the polar regions, unlike northern Sweden, are extremely sparsely populated, says Smith.

If the equation of risk and reward justified itself anywhere, it would be at the poles.

Any deliberate turn of the global thermostat would be of general interest to all mankind, the scientist says.

Whatever it was, but such ideas sound more and more often. With countries failing to achieve real reductions in carbon emissions, scientists are forced to look for other ways to cool the planet and curb global warming.


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