Do aliens exist? Planetary scientist Helen Maynard-Caisley answers

(ORDO NEWS) — I believe it’s only a matter of time before we find something similar to Earth biology somewhere outside of our planet.

I am guided by the fact that we are increasingly finding various places in our solar system that could be potentially favorable for the origin and maintenance of life as we know it.

For example, consider the subglacial oceans of Europa and Ganymede (two large moons of Jupiter): these are places with suitable temperatures, access to an abundance of liquid water and minerals.

However, again, all this is an attempt to find conditions very similar to Earth, but alien life can be very different from ours.

That’s why I’m very excited about further exploration of Saturn ‘s moon Titan , where non-carbon lifeforms could have originated (alternative biochemistry).

There are a number of interesting molecules on the surface of Titan, as well as dynamic weather conditions for their transport and interaction, all within the solar system.

Do aliens exist Planetary scientist Helen Maynard Caisley answers 2
Helen Maynard-Caisley

And we know that in our Galaxy there are many other “solar systems” where planets meet, which can have even more comfortable conditions than our Earth .

All things considered, it is indeed becoming more and more inevitable that one day we will find active alien biology – extraterrestrial life. Will the aliens be able to say hello to us? Well, that’s another question.


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