Study By 2070, Christians in the US may become a minority

(ORDO NEWS) — Christians in the US could become a minority by 2070 if recent trends continue, according to a new report.

In 1972, up to 90 percent of Americans identified themselves as Christians. In 2020, about 64 percent

In the 1970s, up to 90% of Americans identified themselves as Christians. By 2020, that number had dropped to about 64%, while about 30% reported not identifying themselves with any religion.

In a new report from the Pew Research Center , scientists modeled several hypothetical scenarios in an attempt to consider how this trend will play out in the future.

Four Scenarios

According to the first scenario, if no one in the United States changes religion after 2020, by 2070 the country will still have a majority of Christians – 54%. At the same time, non-religious people will remain in a significant minority – 34%.

If the change of religion among young Americans continues at the current pace, then by 2060 the number of Christians in the population will fall below 50%, and in 2070 it will be 46% of the population. However, they will still be the largest religious group in the US.

Under the third scenario, there will be an increase in rejection of religion in the United States for the foreseeable future. In this case, the percentage of Christians in the US by 2070 could fall to 35-39%. The share of non-religious Americans could rise to about 52%.

Projections show that depending on whether religious change stops completely, accelerates, or continues at its current pace, the number of Christians in the United States will decline from 64% to 35-54% by 2070.

The researchers note that all scenarios are only forecasts, and in reality, many social trends can be largely unpredictable.


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