MIT scientists : fly vomit poses a big risk to human health

(ORDO NEWS) — New research from the University of Massachusetts on commensal (non-biting) flies suggests that their vomiting may pose a greater risk to human health. They published their work in the journal Insects.

“The commensal flies have been largely ignored by epidemiologists. The blood-feeding flies have come into focus, but we must pay attention to those flies that live in the immediate vicinity of humans.

During the day, buzzing in and out of your home, it can eat a variety of foods: corpses, animal excrement, rotting garbage and other waste that contain pathogens dangerous to humans, ”the scientists noted.

When a fly takes off, the fly gets rid of excess water and regurgitates the contents of its digestive tract, researchers say.

“Let’s say a fly comes in through your window and lands on a sandwich you’re making. She regurgitates some of what’s left of her dinner right onto the food.

Together with the contents, any disease-causing pathogens that the flies swallow earlier get on the food, ”the scientists explained.

In the future, scientists plan to study in more detail the immunity of flies to various bacteria that enter the body along with food.


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