Man climbed out of the coffin two days after he was declared dead and remembered a vivid dying vision

(ORDO NEWS) — In Nigeria, a man was declared dead and was about to be buried, but two days later he suddenly came to life, crawled out of the coffin and spoke of a vivid near-death experience during which he went to heaven.

According to local media, this amazing story began on September 5th when Godwin Ugelu Amadou sought medical attention for severe chest pain.

During a doctor’s visit, his condition worsened to the point where he appeared to have passed away and was subsequently pronounced dead.

Fortunately for the man, he gave his children strict instructions regarding his burial, which ultimately, perhaps ironically, saved his life.

Amado insisted that he not be embalmed and that he be buried two or three days after his death. The man’s children obediently followed his instructions and prepared his grave for burial on September 7th.

Since Amadou served as a doctor in the village where he lived, his son Jacob explained that “sympathizers in the community wept and others gathered in various places discussing the sad event of his passing.”

After the mourners paid their respects to his open coffin, he was carried into a nearby building to prepare the coffin for burial, and that’s when the man’s story took a shocking turn.

“We suddenly saw the coffin shake and eventually fall, and my father came out of the coffin alive, to the surprise of many people in the village,” recalls Jacob.

The sight of Amado, inexplicably alive, understandably shocked the mourners, his son remarked: “Many of the assembled men and women fled, believing it to be his ghost.”

Jakob cautiously approached his father and soon realized that he was still alive, although shocked by the experience, and therefore at first he was silent.

It wasn’t until a few days later that Amadou told what had happened, and his story was truly breathtaking.

Amadou said that at the moment of his apparent death, the pain in his chest suddenly stopped, and he felt a deep peace come over him.

“The clouds parted, and I saw what looked like a gigantic city of gold suspended in space,” he said, “there I was met by an angel of great stature, who stood in front of the gate, compared to which he felt like an ant.”

Next to this being were two of the same angels, who conferred among themselves and “later let me into the heavenly city.”

Amadou claims that he was met at the entrance by a “childhood friend who died 22 years ago” and gave him a tour of the incorporeal realm, where the newcomer met other deceased relatives and friends.

Like many NDEs, Amadou said he also had a kind of “review of life” where he was shown “all the events leading up to my death.”

However, his visit to the “other side” was brief, as soon “Christ appeared and resurrected me from death”, after which the man felt that he was waking up and he was very cold.

“Heaven is a really interesting place,” Amadou mused, expressing mixed feelings about having to leave the awe-inspiring “other side” where, he said, free food is plentiful and the inhabitants “all enjoy life to the fullest.”

As can be imagined, this man’s story became a sensation in his village, where he gave up his job as a doctor in order to initiate ”


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