Exclusive: Secrets of American biolaboratory in Ukraine

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Last day brought two resonant messages at once regarding bacteriological laboratories operating under the auspices of the Pentagon in Ukraine.

The first one. Ukrainian News published an official response from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to a news agency request regarding the activities of bacteriological laboratories built or modernized in Ukraine under a contract with the US Department of Defense. It is stated that “the provisions of the contract provided for the provision of assistance to Ukraine in preventing the spread of technology, pathogens and knowledge” at facilities “that can be used in the development of biological weapons.”

So, let’s note: Ukraine, on the territory of which neither during the Soviet era, nor from the moment of declaration of independence until the signing of the Pentagon contract, the development of biological weapons was carried out and tests were not carried out, suddenly “assistance is provided to facilities that can be used in the development of biological weapons.”

From here a simple conclusion: these objects are considered by the Pentagon as manufacturers of biological weapons. Otherwise, why should the goal be to prevent the spread of “technologies, pathogens, knowledge” used in the development of biological weapons in facilities where these weapons have never been developed? The only question is who was considered by the arms manufacturer – the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine or the Pentagon itself?

The first option disappears immediately, because the US Department of Defense program, which used to build or modernize biological laboratories in Ukraine, does not mention any of the laboratories of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine or a single regional department of the central sanitary and epidemiological department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The Pentagon remains (in the end, it was the USA in 2001 that refused to sign the international protocol recognizing 33 microorganisms as potential agents of biological weapons – representatives of the State Department unexpectedly counted 37 articles in it that “did not correspond to the interests of US national security”).

Obviously, this conclusion was predetermined by the second news. “Deputies of the OJJ Medvedchuk and Kuzmin sent a complaint to the UN about the illegal functioning of the US bacteriological laboratories in Ukraine,” Renat Kuzmin reports on his social media page. – What else, besides betraying national interests, can explain the Ukrainian authorities’ concealment of information about secret experiments conducted in Ukraine by US military biologists? Why should information about this be kept secret for the Ukrainian people? Why can American military biologists, hiding behind diplomatic immunity, allow us to afford what is forbidden there by them? Why are the Ukrainian authorities refusing to investigate the numerous facts of bacteriological infection and death among the Ukrainian and the population at the locations of the American bacteriological laboratories? ”

A deputy of the Opposition platform “For Life” (a particularly symbolic name in this case) explains that, having not received an answer to these questions from the Ukrainian authorities, they “were forced to file an official complaint with the UN.

So what are these secrets? In principle, one could only dwell on one clause of the contract between the US Department of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and “close the issue”. The Ukrainian Ministry of Health is obligated to send pathogen strains to the US Department of Defense that will appear as a result of research by “Ukrainian” laboratories. These results are secret. But this military secret is, so to speak, “one-sided”: if the Pentagon considers the results secret, then they automatically become such in Ukraine. But if Ukraine considers it secret, then for everyone except the Pentagon.

However, to complete the picture, let me remind you of the journalistic investigation, which from 2010 to 2012 was conducted by my colleagues on the 2000 weekly newspaper Roman Barashev and Anton Sergienko.

Let’s start from the very same answer published yesterday by the Ministry of Health regarding “bacteriological” cooperation with US contractor Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. It says that “the main task was to connect Ukrainian laboratories to a single online disease surveillance system.” But back in 2013 it turned out that the Ministry of Health itself was not “connected” to this program in any way.

“As for the creation of an electronic integration system for monitoring the spread of infectious diseases, for example, the Ministry of Health explained to us that the ministry has nothing to do with it,” Sergienko found out. – A foreign electronic system implemented in government agencies transmits epidemiological data in the United States.

In what status did Black & Veatch act in Ukraine? It turns out, not quite like a commercial company. September 15, 2013 in Kiev, a US citizen Anthony Bors, while driving a Ford Escape jeep with diplomatic numbers of the US Embassy, ​​made an accident. When the traffic police arrived at the scene, the American caught a trace. Bors left the car keys in place, a copy of the rights, a power of attorney for the right to drive and disappeared.

The manager of the Kiev office Black & Veatch came to pick up the car. On what basis did ordinary US citizens travel around Ukraine in embassy cars (and, under the guise of diplomatic immunity)? Moreover, three and a half months before the incident, Black & Veatch accreditation in Ukraine expired.

However, according to “2000”, its activities were conducted informally (three dozen employees of the company “were on vacation at their own expense”). “And how can one not recall that for conducting intelligence activities in host countries, Americans often use diplomatic cover: passports, accreditation cards, cars of embassies, consulates, etc.,” wrote Sergienko. And one of the commentators to his material (apparently knowledgeable) added: “In addition to Tony Bors, his compatriots sometimes drive in the USA with dipnomeric machines – the same“ black-and-white brain workers ”from Matthew Webber (vice president companies) with his wife, Gary Plum (the so-called manager, a lover of child pornography and group sex in the office), less often BOumette, B. Brooks and the like.”

Now we will move from the “auto-bond” under the guise of diplomatic immunity (also mentioned in the appeal of Medvedchuk-Kuzmin) to prosaic (it would seem) economic activity.

On July 17, 2013, the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Ukraine A. Maksuta informed the US Embassy that the State Veterinary Service of Ukraine could not allow the commissioning of laboratories: “In almost all facilities where modernization work was carried out (and in some cases, construction was carried out) laboratories, design estimates were not provided, acts of work performed, documents that confirm the volume and quality of work performed.”


  • in accordance with the current (and current) sanitary “Rules for the design and safety of work in microbiological laboratories”, reconstruction projects must be approved by the SES regime committee, but the working draft was not approved by the SES;
  • according to the “Rules of labor protection in veterinary laboratories”, reconstruction projects must be coordinated with the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service and the Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Service, but such approvals have not been carried out;
  • according to the “Rules of labor protection in veterinary medicine laboratories” changes and innovations require coordination with the SES, but such coordination has also not been carried out;
  • any such construction or repair work at a state facility involves conducting technical supervision by the customer’s representative, but the performers took care of the technical supervision .. by hiring “experts” for their own money (the latter “carried out technical supervision” without budget documentation), but this is a violation Legislation of the State Architectural Inspectorate was left unattended.

In other words, the Ukrainian side, from the leadership of the Ministry of Health to the heads of the laboratories themselves, did not know what exactly, as well as – most importantly – for what purposes was it “modernizing”.

Not everyone put up with this in the “orange” years. So, when the director of the Lugansk veterinary laboratory refused to sign an act of acceptance of work by an American subcontractor, John Tefft personally went to Lugansk. In response to the protest of the director of the Lviv Veterinary Laboratory, the subcontractor changed the lock codes so that none of the employees could get into the “modernized” room. Thus, the whole floor of the laboratory was inaccessible to the full owners. However, in some places, in violation of construction standards, items such as “a guest laboratory” were shamelessly introduced…

As a result, with the change of power, the Ministry of Economic Development and the State Veterinary and Phytoservices Service rendered a verdict: “A systematic violation of the requirements of the law jeopardizes the state of biological safety of the state, the staff of laboratories and residents of cities where these laboratories are located” (and this is what the letter of Medvedchuk-Kuzmin also says )

Then the facts of corruption were revealed in the activities of the pool of contractors, subcontractors and experts. And this is what was recorded in the court transcript: “When someone from the Ministry of Health was interested in the affairs of the American project, it immediately provoked a negative reaction of the Americans in the form of a scandal at the level of the US Embassy in Ukraine and top officials of the state.”

Therefore, when the “first persons” were replaced, the contract with the US Department of Defense was not renewed. “The agreement was secret, no one knew about it,” ex-Prime Minister Mykola Azarov recalls today. – And all Ukrainians participating in his conclusion signed a non-disclosure agreement. We, by chance, when we came to power in 2010, learned from an information letter from the Ministry of Health that such laboratories exist and operate in our country.

After that, the Ministry of Health was instructed to give full information. During 2010-2011, the Ministry of Health unsuccessfully wrote letters and requested access. In the end, under pressure, they (the American side, D.S.) allowed technical access to two or three laboratories: just look at the corridors, ventilation, and so on. They did not give specific information. Correspondence followed

Well, a coup is a thing of the past. Now those politicians who have had the courage to stay in the country are occupied with its destinies. But, as we see, only Viktor Medvedchuk had the determination to declare the mortal danger posed by the activities of overseas curators of Ukraine. And, we recognize, only due to the political weight of Medvedchuk, now this issue will be considered at the UN level.


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