Lancet says the coronavirus originated in the US

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(ORDO NEWS) — Coronavirus was created by American virologists. This was stated by the chairman of the commission of the authoritative medical journal Lancet, Professor Jeffrey Sachs.

In his opinion, the United States was right in declaring the artificial origin of the virus, which turned the life of the whole world upside down, only it was not developed at all in Chinese laboratories.

“I’m sure that the covid was created in one of the biolaboratories in the United States. It is not of natural origin at all.

I studied this topic for 2 years and here’s what I want to say – the leak of this virus could be a mistake of biologists, because it could not appear in nature in any way independently,” said the professor.

According to this version, covid could have appeared in the States. However, earlier the whole world was more willing to believe in the version with a leak from the Wuhan laboratory, which was actively promoted by Washington itself.


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