China accuses US of militarizing space and stealing intelligence

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(ORDO NEWS) — China and the US are once again arguing over their competing space programs. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian urged the US to be friendly while in orbit, accusing it of stealing intelligence.

Why China is unhappy

The US stole intelligence and conducted thorough reconnaissance in the space industry, just as it has done in other areas.

This has a serious negative impact on global strategic stability and will create serious threats to peace and security in outer space, Zhao Lijian told CGTN.

The US is aggressively developing and deploying disruption devices and space weapons , the Chinese official said.

In particular, China does not like the new National Space Intelligence Center, because of which he criticizes the entire space program.

It is worth noting that the States are indeed pouring large funds into their Space Force, in particular on the issue of security, as they are concerned about the likely hostile actions from the two aggressive countries.

At the beginning of 2022, the armed forces branch asked for a 40 percent larger budget, bringing its total to a whopping $24.5 billion, comparable to that of the peaceful NASA. Most of this money will go to research and development of missile strike warning systems.

It is difficult to say which country is right, because the US accuses China of similar things. Recently, they said that the Celestial Empire is trying to militarize the Moon .


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