In Florida, a man fell from a bicycle onto an alligator

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(ORDO NEWS) — A very unpleasant incident happened in Florida. The man fell off his bike and was very seriously injured as a result of an alligator attack. The animal bit the cyclist and he miraculously survived.

Reported by NY Daily News.

On the morning of July 19, a man was cycling in Halpatioki Regional Park, which is located in Stuart. It was there that he was bitten by an alligator, which appeared from nowhere. Rapid response services arrived as quickly as possible at the place where everything happened.

In addition, they immediately called a helicopter to take the victim to the nearest clinic.

The alligator that attacked the man in the park was actually a huge female. The size of the animal reached 2.4 meters. Experts quickly found the female and immediately grabbed her. They also managed to find another alligator in the park, which could harm its visitors.

John Davidson talked about how the man lost control of the bike on a very tight corner. He fell directly on the animal, which at that moment was in the water.

The alligator immediately reacted to what was happening and bit the cyclist several times. The predator did not hide from the place where everything happened, so Davidson assumed that his nest was nearby and was completely right.


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