• Russia strengthens its fleet and promises not to intervene in the Afghan crisis

    Russia strengthens its fleet and promises not to intervene in the Afghan crisis

    (ORDO NEWS) — Vladimir Putin stepped up efforts to modernize the Russian fleet by launching the construction of new nuclear submarines. On Monday, Putin ordered the construction of two nuclear submarines, armed with ICBMs, along with other warships in an attempt to equip the country with “the latest weapons” and build a “powerful and balanced fleet.” During the video call, the president also praised two diesel submarines and two corvettes,…

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  • Secret meeting between CIA Director Burns and Taliban leader Baradar in Kabul

    Secret meeting between CIA director and Taliban in Kabul

    (ORDO NEWS) — The head of the CIA held a secret meeting in Kabul with the de facto leader of the Taliban Abdul Ghani Baradar. Although the topic of the talks is not disclosed, according to experts, it is about an attempt by NATO countries to increase the terms of evacuation of military and civilians from Afghanistan, writes The Washington Post. On Monday, CIA Director William J. Burns held a…

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  • US violated the principles of the art of war wPolityce

    US violated the principles of the art of war ?

    (ORDO NEWS) — During the withdrawal of troops, the Americans made all the mistakes that could be, said the Polish general, who knows firsthand about the situation in Afghanistan. He is critical not only of the actions of the United States in this country, but also of the position of NATO, and also explains what awaits Europe as a result of the victory of the Taliban. Interview with the former commander…

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  • Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un has a patch and a green spot on his head

    (ORDO NEWS) — Journalists noticed a plaster on the head of the North Korean leader and now believe that he may be seriously ill. Kim Jong Un has also lost a lot of weight recently. It is worth noting that this is far from the first information regarding the illness of the DPRK leader, but there is still no confirmation of this. It is reported by NK News. The politician…

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  • By insisting on more oil production the US is in breach of its climate protection commitments

    By insisting on more oil production, the US is in breach of its climate protection commitments

    (ORDO NEWS) — When the calls of the “exclusive nation” to all other countries of the world “to give up oil and coal in order to save the world from Global Warming”, which the United States itself invented and promotes to the masses, but which they themselves do not consider it necessary to carry out, the world media begins to tear the “roof off” and this can be seen in…

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  • Olympic Games

    What is the message of the Olympic Games today?

    (ORDO NEWS) — Not a single Olympic tournament, with the exception of wartime, has faced such serious issues as the current one writes Advance, Croatia. I tried covid-19. Plus, the games have been rife with nationalism, commercialism, and political maneuvering in recent years. What is the message of the Olympics today? Thousands of athletes, journalists and spectators came to the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm on 6 July 1912 to watch…

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  • Controversial Pegasus tip of the iceberg of Israeli espionage

    Controversial Pegasus – tip of the iceberg of Israeli espionage

    (ORDO NEWS) — As a result of the international spyware scandal Pegasus, Israel has unexpectedly pushed other states in the ranking of the “worst countries in the world.” According to the Al-Quds Al-Arabi, UK, Pegasus is just the tip of the iceberg. Israel has been successfully spying on spies for a long time, and spying develops into persecution, repression and premeditated killings. The Israeli government has decided to create a…

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  • Biden is encouraging Europe but whats next

    Biden is encouraging Europe, but what’s next?

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — While recovering from Trump’s trauma, Europe will welcome Biden’s warm words, but hot topics remain: from China and Russia to trade disputes, vaccine diplomacy and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, the author notes. Europeans know that invisible price tags are attached to Biden’s policies. Alertness also persists. Four years ago, Donald Trump traumatized European leaders by welcoming Brexit and dethroning NATO, declaring the alliance…

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  • Kamala Harris refused migrants

    Kamala Harris refused migrants

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — With the arrival of the Biden administration in the White House, the United States is tightening its migration policy. Thus, US Vice President Kamala Harris, who visited Guatemala, gave a “clear signal” to the residents of this country, suffering from poverty and rampant banditry and wanting to move to much more prosperous, in their opinion, States: we are not waiting for you. On Monday, June…

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  • Biden administration

    US ambassador and other hawks fear Biden will succumb to Putin in Geneva

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — CNN’s article undermines the belief that a Putin-Biden summit could change anything. As before the summits with Trump, the Russophobic US media will mock about the “danger” of concessions from the US leader to the insidious Putin. Biden, like Trump before, is already beginning to be portrayed as Russophile dupe, although the aging leader has not apologized for the “killer” and promises to “show strength”…

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  • North Korean leader 2

    North Korean leader bans Chinese medicines after death of one of the officials

    (ORDO NEWS) — Kim Jong-un again made a radical decision. The supreme leader of the DPRK has banned the use of Chinese medicines in the country. The reason for this was the death of a high-ranking official who passed away shortly after being injected with a Chinese drug. Reported by The Epoch Time. In early May, one of the officials was being treated at a university hospital in Pyongyang, the…

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  • The mayor of the Swedish city left politics to work on a garbage truck 1

    The mayor of the Swedish city left politics to work on a garbage truck

    (ORDO NEWS) — Ann-Sofie Hermansson was mayor of Gothenburg from 2016 to 2018. It is the second largest city in Sweden. She could not be re-elected for a second term and decided to leave for an unusual job for the ex-mayor. Thus, Anne shattered many stereotypes and won even more love from people. Reported by Squeekly. Ann-Sophie became a garbage truck driver. She received the license to drive large loads…

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  • Erdogan to Putin Israel needs to be taught a lesson

    Erdogan to Putin Israel needs to be taught a lesson

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) —  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that the international community should “teach Israel a strong lesson in deterrence” as punishment for excessive Palestinian rocket attacks, Breitbart reported. The Turkish President’s Liaison Office said the two leaders spoke on the phone about the escalation of the conflict. The statement said that Erdogan stressed the need for “the international community to…

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  • Biden faces difficult tests due to Russias position on border crossings in Syria

    Biden faces difficult tests due to Russia’s position in Syria

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The American media continue to be the propaganda mouthpiece of Washington’s policy on interfering in the internal affairs of Syria. Thus, the attempts of Russia and the government of Bashar al-Assad to prevent the illegal penetration of various goods into Syria under the guise of “humanitarian convoys” are met with fierce criticism in the material of The Wall Street Journal. The Biden administration prepares to…

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  • Is Netanyahu Bombing Gaza for Personal Purposes

    Is Netanyahu bombing Gaza for personal purposes?

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine is causing concern throughout the world. The UN has declared that the parties are moving towards full-scale war and is calling for peace. Turkey sided with the Palestinians, accusing Netanyahu of illegal actions and the death of civilians in the Gaza Strip. What will Ankara do? Turkish experts are answering this question. Experts, in an interview…

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  • Joe Bidens bizarre photo has resonated on the internet

    Joe Biden’s bizarre photo has resonated on the internet

    (ORDO NEWS) — A strange photo of the 46th President of America Joe Biden with his wife and Jimmy Carter caused heated discussions among users of social networks. Why are people so ambiguous about the photo and what is suspicious about it? It is reported by the BBC. The photo shows the 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter with his wife Rozalin and Joe Biden with his wife…

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  • Merkel urges WHO to review Chinese vaccines against COVID 19

    Merkel urges WHO to review Chinese vaccines against COVID-19

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider transparently the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines developed by China. “The pandemic has caused many deaths. Societies and economies face a great challenge. We can control the pandemic only through joint efforts. China and Germany can play important roles here,” Merkel said in an online consultative meeting between German and Chinese governments. Stressing…

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  • Israeli army drone crashes in Gaza

    Israeli army drone crashes in Gaza

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Israeli army stressed that one of its drones crashed in northern Gaza during a routine operation in the area. Avichay Adraee, spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), confirmed the news in a Twitter statement, adding that there was “no concern about information leaks” from the drone. Meanwhile, a source from one of the resistance groups in Gaza who spoke to AA on condition…

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  • Japanese vehicle manufacturer will help India in the fight against COVID 19

    Japanese vehicle manufacturer will help India in the fight against COVID-19

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Japanese vehicle giant Suzuki announced today that it will start supplying oxygen to help India in the fight against COVID-19. The vehicle manufacturer will cut production at 3 factories in India starting May 1 to 9 to make available the oxygen which is used in the manufacturing process for coronavirus patients, Kyodo News reported. Oxygen is used for welding and other processes in vehicle manufacturing.…

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  • NATO Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has begun

    NATO: Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has begun

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — NATO has begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, officials confirmed. “NATO allies decided in mid-April to begin withdrawing the Deployed Support Mission forces by May 1, and that withdrawal has begun,” a NATO official told AA on condition of anonymity. The official underlined that the withdrawal would be “a regular, coordinated and deliberate process” as agreed by the allies. “We plan to complete our withdrawal within…

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  • China refining continues in the Yellow Sea after the oil spill

    China, refining continues in the Yellow Sea after the oil spill

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Rescue and clean-up operations are still ongoing in the Yellow Sea after a tanker and a cargo ship collided earlier this week along China’s northeast coast. The Shandong Regional Maritime Safety Administration (SAA) said at least 400 tonnes of oil spilled when the large cargo ship Sea Justice hit the Liberian ship A Symphony near Qingdao port on Tuesday. The oil spread over an area…

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  • For the first time in US history two women succeeded the US president during his speech 1

    For the first time in US history, two women succeeded the US president during his speech

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — For the first time in US history, two women sat behind the US president during his major political speech to Congress on Wednesday evening, namely Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This is an unprecedented phenomenon that accompanied other historical events. Because of the pandemic, this important annual meeting in US politics was held in front of a limited audience with masks.…

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  • US Russia

    US Secretary of State claims “new theater of conflict” with Russia in the Arctic

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that a “new theater of conflict” could emerge in the Arctic due to Russia’s growing role. “Climate change could create new theaters of conflict. In February, a Russian gas tanker sailed the Arctic Northern Sea Route for the first time in history. Until recently, this route was only navigated a few weeks a year. is getting longer, “Blinken…

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  • can Biden lose the Arctic to Russia and China

    Can Joe Biden lose the Arctic to Russia or China?

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Opposing the increasing presence of Russia and China in the Arctic requires the United States to adopt a comprehensive strategy, the author writes in the spirit of anti-Russian propaganda. It should make it possible to protect American interests in and around Alaska, as well as in the Canadian Arctic, allegedly from the “encroachments” of Russia and China. The cold polar deserts of the Arctic have…

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  • why Britain is increasing its presence in the Black Sea

    Why Britain is increasing its presence in the Black Sea

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Britain decided to send warships to the Black Sea in order to “demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine and its NATO allies.” The Daily Express investigates why London decided to intervene in the conflict situation between Moscow and Kiev. In recent weeks, the standoff between Russia and Ukraine has intensified, and Moscow is increasing its military presence along the border. Kiev said Russia has deployed more than…

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  • Chinas Wall of Silence

    China’s Wall of Silence

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Honored British Russophobe Edward Lucas, apparently, received a new training manual – to target China. Therefore, habitually spitting in the direction of the USSR, where prison labor was used, according to him, for the production of “export products”, the author cuts the truth: now China has created such a genocidal system of forced labor and mind control that even the GULAG fades. The Stalinist Soviet Union…

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  • Putin outplayed the West again

    Putin outplayed the West again

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The sanctions imposed on Russia did not compel the Russian leader to heed the opinion of the West. Putin has already managed to plug four American presidents in the belt, and now there are no signs that the fifth managed to scare him. On the contrary, Biden, the author writes, as they say, blinked first. What do the readers of The Times think of this?…

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  • Biden blinked first US warships did not enter the Black Sea

    Biden blinked first: US warships did not enter the Black Sea

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — When the US announced last week that it was sending two warships to the Black Sea, given rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the Kremlin urged them to stay away from Crimea. Now Turkey reports that the passage of American ships through the Bosphorus did not take place. The ships turned back. US warships heading towards the Black Sea reportedly turned back after Russia urged…

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  • The Kabul Corridor paves the way for the prosperity of the entire region

    The Kabul Corridor paves the way for the prosperity of the entire region

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The article reveals interesting details about the construction of a railway from Termez in Uzbekistan through Mazar-i-Sharif and Kabul in Afghanistan to the Pakistani city of Peshawar. There it will merge into the transport system of Pakistan, providing access to the ports of this country. Russia has its own interest in the project. For the first time in centuries, there is a chance to link…

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  • US Russia

    Russia imposed sanctions against the heads of the FBI and US National Intelligence

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Foreign Ministry published a list of former and current American officials who are barred from entering Russia due to their involvement in the development and implementation of the anti-Russian course: Merrick Garland, US Attorney General; Michael Carvajal, Director of the US Federal Bureau of Prisons; Alejandro Mallorcas, US Secretary of Homeland Security; Susan Rice , Domestic Policy Adviser to the President of the United…

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  • Will Stagflation Come

    Will stagflation come?

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The respected economist believes it is likely that inflation will rise steadily after the covid-19 recession. He points out the factors that make this growth almost inevitable. But it would be even worse if the situation begins to develop in the direction of stagflation, he warns, and explains the possible risks. There is an increasing debate over whether inflation over the next few months will…

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  • EU is a perfect example of majority tyranny

    EU is a perfect example of majority tyranny

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Polish philosopher and MEP Ryszard Legutko, in his latest book, analyzes the recent changes in liberal democracy and comes to the conclusion that it has many frightening similarities with communism. Freedom is losing ground, since in the Western world, pluralism exists only in words. Atlantico: L’Artilleur has published your book The Devil in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations at the Heart of Free Societies. You have lived…

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  • NATO is not yet considering Ukraines membership in the alliance

    NATO is not yet considering Ukraine’s membership in the alliance

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — NATO does not yet see Ukraine as a member of the alliance. Kiev should first of all carry out internal reforms, in particular, strengthen the rule of law. This was announced to Izvestia by the NATO press service in response to a question whether the alliance is preparing to grant Ukraine membership in the organization. “We expect that Ukraine will focus on internal reforms, consolidate…

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