Biden appoints devil-worshipping doctor to fight against monkeypox

(ORDO NEWS) — Joe Biden has appointed a new monkeypox coordinator. It turned out to be a gay sadomasochist who himself presents himself as a Satanist. And the rumor-mongers are running around saying that some satanic cabal is running the state, writes Rod Dreher in a TAC article.

Is there a limit to the perverts that a Democratic administration places in leadership positions? It turns out that the bald-headed sadomasochists’ and transvestite Sam Brinton, whom Biden appointed the head of the department at the Department of Energy, is not enough for her. And even the transgender assistant secretary of health Rachel Levine (Rachel Levine) is also not enough.

Meet Dr. Demeter Daskalakis, new spokesman for monkeypox. Here is what National Pulse writes about him:

“Daskalakis is known for his work in the field of HIV and other diseases that affect the LGBTQ+ community. He graduated from the New York University School of Medicine and then residency and received an additional master’s degree from Harvard Medical School. In an interview with The Atlantic in 2014, he admitted: “I learned how to treat the sick from East Village transvestites. “He also has a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Columbia University. He grew up in Arlington, Virginia, in a family of Orthodox immigrants from Greece. Judging by his social media profiles, he has a soft spot for pentagrams and other satanic symbols”.

And you know they don’t joke. And none of these are vile conspiracy insinuations. Dr. Daskalakis himself now and then boasts on the Internet of his adventures in the world of the occult and homosexual sadomasochism. In one of the photos, a doctor in a helmet with a pentagram poses with her husband Michael Macneal (Michael Macneal) wearing a crown of thorns.

The pair also run a Satanic gym in Manhattan called “Monstercycle” with the motto “Satan Awaits”.

Tweets: “Meet Demeter Daskalakis. Joe Biden has just appointed him as the White House’s official Deputy National Coordinator for Monkeypox. Demeter proudly wears the insignia of the Church of Satan: a pentagram.

Keep in mind: I am not at all picky and do not choose what is more scandalous. He flaunts with a pentagram even in promotional photos from a meeting with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And on his pages in social networks, they generally dazzle in the eyes. He even has a pentacle tattoo.

Therefore, the question arises: was it Joe Biden who appointed the Satanist?

Of course, President Biden is within his rights, but the question is, for what? Why do Democrats nominate such dark and suspicious personalities to high positions? The other day someone noticed on Twitter that Qanon rumor spreaders are running around saying that some satanic cabal runs the state, and we all laugh about it … and then the president suddenly takes and appoints a gay sadomasochist to a high post, who himself appears to be a Satanist … What is it?

A friend said to me at dinner tonight, “It’s like we’re living in a Clive Lewis novel .” Exactly. Here’s a sign of the times for you.


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