Bases on Mars proposed to build from cosmic dust, sweat, blood and urine of astronauts

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the UK have proposed a very unusual way to build housing on Mars, which can help avoid the transport of numerous building materials to the planet. To do this, you can use cosmic dust, as well as the sweat, blood and urine of astronauts.

The results of the research conducted by the scientists were published in Materials Today Bio. In order to transport just one brick to Mars, you need to spend about two million dollars. Because of this, construction turns out to be too expensive, so experts considered that it would be a good option to use those materials that are in the immediate vicinity – dust and astronauts.

For example, on the ISS, astronauts learned to purify urine by almost 95%, which makes it possible to obtain water from it, suitable for drinking. At the University of Manchester, he proposed using protein from blood plasma and cosmic dust, which would help to obtain a material that has approximately the same characteristics as concrete. This material was named AstroCrete. It is durable enough to build reliable homes on Mars.

Also, scientists noted that if you add urea to the building material, you can further increase the strength indicator. In this case, AstroCrete will turn out to be even stronger and more reliable than the concrete used on Earth.


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