Evidence of a thermonuclear disaster on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — In the past, a series of powerful thermonuclear explosions occurred on Mars, as a result of which the planet became uninhabitable. Before this “space war” Mars was similar to the Earth.

It is possible that our obsession with Mars comes from the fact that this is our former home. We ourselves destroyed it in the past and were forced to look for a new planet for life.

John Brandenburg, Chief Scientist at Kepler Aerospace was known in the 80s and 90s as NASA‘s leading Mars expert.

He has 10 patents, all of which relate to space propulsion. He is the main inventor of the MET electric motor, used in at least two Mars Observers probes in the 90s.

He left NASA after noticing how NASA was ignoring real science in order to defend certain established narratives.

John realized that NASA was ignoring real science in order to defend certain established narratives. He retired from NASA and worked on other research projects, but was returned to NASA to participate in the Mars project in 2006.

He continued to study the data from Mars and found that the surface of Mars was overly covered in uranium and thorium.

This has led some scientists, and John Brandenburg himself, to the conclusion that it is very likely that TWO large anomalous nuclear explosions occurred on Mars in the distant past.

Dr. Brandenburg states: “… based on new data, there is evidence that during the period of climate on Mars similar to Earth, biological evolution eventually produced a humanoid civilization that left ruins in several places, Cydonia Mensah and Galaxia Chaos are two of the most revealing places and is being intensively researched.

Data from these sites formed the basis of the Kydonian hypothesis (Brandenburg, DiPietro and Molenaar, 1991) of an ancient indigenous civilization of approximately the Bronze Age on Mars.

It is well known that over time a planet’s atmosphere can be severely eroded, especially on Mars where there is no strong magnetic field.

When this happens, the lighter isotopes are more eroded than the heavier ones, which eventually leads to more heavier isotopes.

Dr. Brandenburg explains how xenon-129 is produced in devices on Earth: “To increase the power of a hydrogen bomb, the bomb body is usually made from uranium-238 or thorium.

Accordingly, xenon-129 is produced only in small quantities in ordinary fission, but in the explosion of a conventional it is produced in large quantities in the H-bomb.”

In addition, Dr. Brandenburg studied the distribution patterns of uranium and thorium on the surface of the red planet and concluded that they corresponded to nuclear explosions that were concentrated at TWO specific points on the planet.

High concentration of Xe in the Martian atmosphere is a unique feature of the Martian atmosphere and differs sharply from the xenon isotopic mass spectrum elsewhere in the solar system.

However, on Mars, something has broken… isotopes have made lighter isotopes more common than heavier ones. This requires a predominantly nuclear process rather than mass fractionation.

As far as bacteria detection is concerned, look no further than the controversy surrounding the Viking Labeled Release experiment.

The observed response was above the detection threshold for life, based on criteria published before the flight, and in fact the activity was higher than in Antarctic soil.

However, the mission’s principal investigator (a man named Carl Sagan, you’ve probably heard of him) changed the criteria after the fact and declared the experiment a failure.

The case of the existence of life on Mars and its possible detection using the astrobiological experiment of the Viking spacecraft was groundlessly closed”.

It is interesting that one of the sites of nuclear explosions is the Cydonia region, this is exactly the place where the Martian “Face” is visible.

Personally, I think this explains our obsession with Mars throughout history. We think more about Mars than about this planet, maybe it’s because we don’t feel at home on earth.

Over 70% of people have back problems without any underlying problem or injury. Simply because the Earth is not our home planet and we are not adapted to the force of its gravity.

Why do so many cultures around the world refer to Mars as their God of War. Maybe they remember that ancient war that devastated the planet and caused our migration to a new planet – Earth. Chinese, Mayans, Romans, ancient Babylonians and African tribes who claim to have come from “Mars by ship”.

The Mahabharata describes nuclear war as quoted by Dr. Oppenheimer after Trinity’s first nuclear test. He was shocked while his colleague, a Manhattan Project scientist, celebrated the successful test of a nuclear bomb.

This is because Oppenheimer saw things from a conscious point of view. He was an avid student of the Vedas. NASA is only now announcing the discovery of ancient lakes, and this has been known since at least the 70s.

Dr. Brandenburg is a man of impeccable reputation. At a recent conference where he spoke, he was asked about the Aerospace Corporation and his work/UFOs and he said ask about “plasma physics or Mars”.

So why does the scientific community, which claims to be so interested in finding alien life, oppose the evidence?

It could be argued that if the government knew that some UFO phenomena were extraterrestrial intelligence and decided to hide this from the public, then such a policy would have a deterrent effect on all searches for extraterrestrial life or intelligence.

This follows from the fact that the federal government funds most of the scientific research and thus sets its own priorities.

The policy should not even be open, but instead implicit, which makes the search for life supposedly the main goal, but a positive outcome is prohibited. The government-sponsored search for extraterrestrial life is never destined to be completed.

For the scientific community, the search for life on Mars has become a search for life they don’t want to find there.


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