Artificial intelligence reveals the secret of Vincent Van Gogh’s success

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from Northwestern University in the United States used an artificial intelligence system in order to analyze almost 800 thousand works of artists from different eras. Among them was Vincent Van Gogh. Due to this, it was possible to find a universal formula for success that can be used in absolutely all areas of creativity.

Reported by National Geographic.

In 2018, there was such a thing as a “hot streak”. It implies the most active period in the work of any artist. Several studies have made it possible to establish that these “bands” arise for a reason. Certain events must happen before them.

Van Gogh’s artistic breakthrough took place in the years 1888-1890. During this time, the most popular paintings were created. Before that, the artist created fairly realistic works, in which gloomy tones were mainly used. Dashun Wang noted that it was only after some time that smoother and not too bright colors began to appear in the paintings, which made his paintings so popular today.

A similar pattern has been found in other creative personalities. “Hot streaks” only emerged after artists had experimented, studied different styles, and painted on a wide variety of topics for a long time. After that, there were years of “exploitation”, when attention was focused on a certain narrow area.

Scientists also found that the average duration of the “hot streak” among artists was about five years. Then they returned to stability, during which there were no noticeable breakthroughs in creativity.


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