In 2023, the pandemic will completely end, but at the end of the year there will be an alien invasion – opinion

(ORDO NEWS) — The US government has made serious claims about a possible alien invasion that are now in development. In July 2021, the Pentagon released a report on its observations of “unexplained celestial phenomena” over the past two decades.

Immediately thereafter, American fighter pilots began talking collectively about the numerous UFOs they had seen in recent years. Video footage from the Pentagon has surfaced online showing strange aircraft or “unexplained celestial phenomena.”

Are UFOs and aliens time travelers 2

After that, former US President Barack Obama said that something inexplicable was happening in the sky, and Donald Trump promised to declassify some information about aliens that he learned as US President.

The US government, after reviewing the military’s report, has announced that it is treating the entire incident as a hostile alien invasion and will continue to investigate.

And these are not jokes or plots from blockbusters at all, this is reality.

There are two opinions on this matter: the first is that aliens exist and are conducting reconnaissance. The second is that people will be scared of the aliens in order to continue the campaign to digitize the population and impose restrictions. It is more likely that both the first and the second.

It is clear that the “sterilization of the Earth‘s population” blitzkrieg did not work, people are causing damage, and the code cannot be implemented quickly enough. WHO has declared the end of the pandemic by 2023. But this does not mean that the world’s elites have abandoned their plans for hyper-globalization, including the devaluation of the nation-state as an institution of governance. The goal is to maintain its influence after the collapse of capitalism over the past decade.

The threat of a malicious alien invasion is very relevant to this. After all, all earthlings know that thanks to movies like Men in Black, aliens can imitate the appearance of any earthling. and in every possible way harm, slander and threaten naive earthlings so that they can carry out their labor and other activities.

This is a global threat that can only be defeated through joint efforts by creating the World Alien Control Organization (WABO), similar to the WHO. Governments have been told that WHO recommendations are sacred and must be followed. We have all seen this in the last few years. When the WHO says to enter, we enter, and when the WHO says to enter, we enter, not paying much attention to contraindications and restrictions. WHO announces a new type of disease – we immediately believe in it and introduce new restrictions.

And here is an even greater threat – evil alien intelligences, absolutely inhuman and alien, space monsters with super dangerous weapons can attack humanity. The battle can be scary, deadly, and generally terribly sinister and unpredictable. It’s not some kind of virus, it’s disgusting – and shit. This is a terrible horror, this is the end of the world, save – save me.

Please note: for the last thirty years, humanity has not been looking for its brothers in space, but only expects an invasion from them. We are accustomed to the idea that aliens are an enemy, not a friend. Accident? It seems like it was done on purpose.

So everyone should listen to the one-stop-shop and, most importantly, everyone, literally everyone, should be labeled as human. This can easily be done with an implantable chip. If you have a chip, then you are a human, if not, then you are an alien, and such a person will be eliminated on the spot. In war it would be the same as in war. Any kiosk at airports, stadiums and malls can be programmed to read these chips. All conditions have been created for the detection of malicious aliens masquerading as people.

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And these chips will have to be implanted from birth, right in the delivery room – the only way to assure the authorities that the child is human. The logic of such an event is inevitable. Maybe not right away, but they will definitely follow the child. In 20 years, this may become the norm.

Do you think any of the people would dare to refuse the chip in such a situation? I do not think so. It is impossible to argue with such an argument. If the US and everyone after them goes into world war mode with aliens and aliens, any consequences are possible.

The presence of a chip in the human body containing all the information is the most reliable way to control and manage it.

Do not rush to dislike and accuse the author of drug and alcohol abuse. This is a very real scenario, and there is only one step left before it.

Let’s look back at what has appeared in our daily life over the past two years.

  • Everyone wears masks, without them shoppers can’t even buy food or medicine;
  • Mass vaccination without taking into account contraindications;
  • Implementation of regulations on a large scale;
  • Visitors are prohibited from entering shopping malls, cafes and sports stadiums without this sign;
  • Attempts to stop people using public transport without a code;
  • Blockades that cause people to lose their businesses or jobs;
  • Prohibition to work without codes in some organizations;
  • The ban on the passage of people in trains and planes without codes;
  • Closing borders for tourism;
  • There are many cases on the Internet of people getting fired for not getting vaccinated;
  • Some businesses are taking pay cuts for people who refuse vaccinations;
  • The division of the population into hostile camps – for and against;
  • The topic of “punishment for refusing to vaccinate” was studied;
  • Online reports of hospitals refusing to treat people who do not have a vaccination code;
  • You can continue this list in the comments;

So what’s the situation? A few years ago everyone would have been shouting that this was impossible, that the people would not tolerate it, that there would be an uprising, that there would be a riot, that everyone would be swept off their feet, cleaned out, and so on.

As you can see, there was no uprising. Everyone endured, including raising the retirement age, which was probably changed not because of money, but to test the patience of the people. No one even squeaked, they just scurried around in the corner.

If all the media and social networks start writing about the threat of an alien invasion, showing documentaries about flying saucers and humanoids and endless serials about their invasion, then in a few years people themselves will want to be implanted with “human chips”. Therefore, if they are mistaken for aliens, they will not be shot. They fly outside your window, beware.


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