British scientists predicted the disappearance of ice in the Arctic in 10 years

(ORDO NEWS) — In the next decade, the Arctic may completely lose sea ice in the summer periods. Such a forecast was made by the British edition of The Guardian, referring to a report on the state of the cryosphere, which scientists published before the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

“There is nothing we can do about it right now. We just messed up and let the system get too hot already,” said Julie Brigham-Gretta, an employee at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-author of the study.

The disappearance of sea ice will open up the dark Arctic Ocean, which will absorb heat rather than reflect it, and this, in turn, will bring global warming closer, scientists emphasize. They note that the Arctic is warming approximately four times faster than the rest of the world.

Together with record heat waves in Antarctica, this could lead to a “melt water impulse” unprecedented in 130 thousand years, which is fraught with disaster for coastal regions.

In May 2021, American scientists raised concerns that the melting of glaciers in Antarctica could threaten the existence of coastal cities such as New York and Shanghai. As temperatures rise, Arctic ice begins to melt. There is so much ice in Antarctica that global warming could cause global warming to cause sea levels to rise by up to 60 meters.

Experts predict that at current rates of greenhouse gas emissions, the Antarctic ice sheet will reach a critical level of melting by about 2060. The level of the World Ocean will reach irreversible sizes in the time scale of human existence, scientists believe.


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