Chicken meat was 3D printed and fried with a laser

(ORDO NEWS) — Engineers at Columbia University have been trying to understand how different laser cooking modes affect the taste of 3D printed chicken pieces. As a test material, the scientists used pieces of meat prepared from chicken puree.

The meat was fried using a blue LED laser with a wavelength of 445 nm. Its power ranged from 5 to 10 watts. In the following tests, the scientists used near (980 nm) and medium (10.6 micron) IR lasers. To compare with, the scientists also fried chicken in a conventional oven.

The authors of the study tried to find out how the trajectory of the laser beam affects the speed of cooking and the safety of meat. They studied the cooling rate of different parts of the dish, how the weight of the food changed during cooking, and compared the penetrating power of different lasers.

As a result of the experiment, the researchers found that the samples that were cooked in a conventional oven lost twice as much weight and volume as those that were cooked with a laser. The fact is that cooking chicken meat in the oven takes more time than using a laser.

The blue laser has proven to be the most effective in cooking, while IR lasers are better suited for browning the surface of meat or roasting thin samples.

The researchers blindly tasted the products and found that laser-fried meat tastes better than oven-roasted meat.


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