Scientists dispelled popular myths about alcohol

(ORDO NEWS) — You can often hear that it is better to eat before drinking alcohol, you can’t lower the temperature, and you can literally get rid of a hangover with a bottle of beer.

It is necessary to understand that all these tips practically do not work, so feeling bad the next day is unlikely to be avoided.

There are many myths about alcohol and how to use it “correctly”. Scientists have said that most of them are fiction.

A heavy lunch before drinking alcohol

Even if you eat very well, it will not help not to get drunk literally after the first drink. Drink alcohol mainly enters the bloodstream through the small intestine and only 20% is absorbed in the stomach.

Therefore, eating before drinking alcohol will only delay intoxication, because the more food in the stomach, the longer alcohol cannot enter the bloodstream.

Increase in degree

Scientists have managed to prove that the exact order in which alcoholic beverages are consumed does not play any role. In this case, the more important factor is the amount of alcohol.

During the research, it was established that if vodka is mixed with water, then in this case it will be absorbed much faster. If mixed with carbonated water, alcohol enters the bloodstream more slowly.

Alcohol is warming

Scientists have conducted several studies and found that alcoholic beverages help to keep warm – fiction.

Alcohol leads to a strong dilation of blood vessels and immediately after consumption you can really feel some kind of warmth.

In fact, this way the body begins to cool down quickly. This condition is considered very dangerous in the cold season.

Alcohol hangover treatment

Some people feel so bad that they prefer to drink another portion of alcohol. In fact, alcohol will only temporarily remove the discomfort, but it will not be possible to avoid headache and nausea.

That is why it is better to drink a lot of water and aspirin to cope with a hangover.

Beer makes them less drunk

Experts said that a glass of beer contains exactly the same amount of alcohol as 50 ml of strong alcohol or 1150 ml of wine.

The secret is that a glass of stronger drink is drunk faster, so intoxication occurs faster than from beer.


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