Girl spoke about life with an allergy to water

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(ORDO NEWS) — Due to an allergy to water, tears and sweat, 14-year-old Sadie Tessmer from Missouri (USA) develops severe skin irritation.

About how a rare disease changed her life, told the publication The Independent.

The girl suffers from aquagenic urticaria, an autoimmune disease in which red, itchy hives appear on a person’s skin after contact with water.

Late last year, Sadie’s mother, 37-year-old Amber Sally, first noticed her daughter’s strange reaction to the water. Initially, she assumed that her daughter was taking too hot showers.

However, this was not the problem: with aquagenic urticaria, irritation does not depend on the temperature of the water, its purity and salinity.

“Sometimes it feels like someone pours gasoline on my body, sets me on fire, and I itch.

I always have a reaction when I shower or wash my hands and even when I cry or sweat.

It hurts so much that tears flow, and it makes it even worse because I’m allergic to my own tears, which really bothers me.” – Sadie Tessmer

The woman decided to transfer her daughter to home schooling in order to save her from constant discomfort.

Despite her love of football and swimming, the girl had to give up playing sports due to the fact that sweat causes irritation.

In the heat, Sadie cannot go outside during the day and is forced to spend a lot of time alone.

She admitted that this puts a lot of pressure on her, but she hopes that her experience will be useful to people with the same problem.

The girl’s mother hopes that research on the disease will move forward and soon there will be a remedy that will make life easier for those suffering from aquatic urticaria.


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