”Genetic Scissors” bring humanity closer to immortality

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2022, a Chinese scientist dubbed the “Chinese Frankenstein” is released from prison. He was jailed for tampering with the human genome.

He departed from the generally accepted laws of ethics and made changes to the genetic code of two twin girls.

They received lifelong immunity to the HIV virus. The scientific community then condemned him for such an act. However, its results cannot be ignored. This is a major scientific discovery that could change the world.

Despite the colossal pressure of the investigation, Mr. Che managed to keep the names of his charges secret, but apparently he receives information about their development.

There is unofficial information that appeared in the media that they began to show side effects that can hardly be called negative.

Both girls demonstrate a high level of intelligence, have a good ability to memorize and do an excellent job with the school curriculum.

And for that, they and their parents should thank the CRISPR/Cas9 technology, called “genetic scissors” in scientific slang. Its use allows you to edit genes if necessary.

Research conducted by other scientists shows that many diseases that lead to premature death and impair the quality of human life have a significant genetic component.

We are talking about such serious ailments as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Researchers rightly believe that the new technology, tested by the Chinese Mr. Che, can save humanity from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

According to experts, this is another big step towards immortality. There is a growing opinion in the scientific world that the technology of “genetic scissors” should become mass and maximally accessible to all people.


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