Norwegian company wants to kill hurricanes with bubbles

(ORDO NEWS) — The average water temperature in the world’s oceans is gradually increasing and as a result can become catastrophic. It should be noted that it is warm water that provokes abnormal weather events. Numerous hurricanes were no exception.

This is reported by Science Focus.

OceanTherm in Norway, which was founded by former naval officer Olaf Hollingster, made a statement that he knows how to solve the problem. He suggested starting to launch huge bubbles in the ocean, which will help lower water temperatures and make storms less severe.

Hurricanes begin to appear after the meeting of cold and hot air over the ocean surface. The higher the water temperature, the stronger the storm will be. If it is possible to reduce the temperature below the 26.5 degrees mark, then this will help completely eliminate the risk of developing a hurricane or significantly reduce its intensity.

OceanTherm’s idea is based on the use of perforated pipes that need to be lowered to a decent depth in the ocean and then passed a huge amount of compressed air through them. This will create bubbles that will lift cold water from the depths to the surface of the ocean and thus lower its temperature.

Experts note that this technology is successfully used in Norway in order to prevent fjords from freezing in winter. Only warm water rises to the surface in this situation.

The company’s proposal is still being tested and experts have not tested it in the storm. In the scientific community, few people support the idea due to the fact that it will take a lot of money to implement it.


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