New Zealander received 10 coronavirus vaccinations in one day

(ORDO NEWS) — A New Zealand resident received as many as ten coronavirus vaccinations in one day. The man was paid by other people to be vaccinated instead. At the same time, the name of the New Zealander was not disclosed by the authorities.

It remains unclear how exactly the man was able to get such a number of vaccinations. More precisely, information about this is not disclosed. Presumably, he visited several different vaccination centers at the same time. The incident was taken quite seriously.

Astrid Konni, who leads the vaccination team, noted that those people who received a higher dose of the drug than intended should urgently see a specialist.

She also stressed that such actions can pose a very serious threat not only to the participants in this scheme, but also to their friends and relatives. In addition, the whole society may be affected. Medic Helen Pertussis-Harris considers this man “too self-serving.”

For his desire to make money, he immediately paid. The very next day he felt bad, but the doctor added that there was no threat to his life. In such cases, a very severe headache may appear, the temperature may rise, which will be slightly higher than in the case of one injection.

In New Zealand, a “vaccination passport” is required to visit some shops or businesses. All employees in the health sector, as well as education, must be vaccinated without fail.

Earlier we wrote that the WHO evaluated the effectiveness of vaccines against the Omicron strain.

And also recall that a new version of the origin of the omicron strain has been put forward.


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