84-year-old man received 12 vaccinations against coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Brahmdev Mandal, 84, a resident of India, has been illegally vaccinating against coronavirus for a year. In total, he managed to receive 12 doses of the vaccine.

He talks about how the drug made him much stronger. From the moment he received his first vaccination, the man did not get even a minor cold. In addition, he is confident that it was the coronavirus vaccine that helped him noticeably reduce pain in the joints.

Mandal was even able to get two vaccinations almost at the same time – the difference between them was literally half an hour.

The man easily deceived the doctors. He used the documents of his friends and acquaintances, but in most cases he used his own passport. Vaccinations were managed due to the fact that Mandal constantly visited different vaccination points.

Such self-medication can lead to a number of accusations against Brahmdev. Police officers from the city of Orai, where the “vaccine maniac” himself lives, said that he could be charged with several different crimes.

A resident of India disobeyed the state order, took part in fraudulent schemes and pretended to be another person, deceived and dishonestly persuaded to transfer property. For all this, he could be sentenced to up to ten years in prison.

But, presumably, the court will take into account the age of Mandala and the maximum will be imposed a fine.

Today, in most of all countries, it is assumed that a person has received a full vaccination after having received two vaccinations. After a while, you can get another vaccine – a booster one, which will help make the immune system stronger and easier to cope with the coronavirus.

In Austria, doctors can even get the fourth vaccine to protect themselves. Turkey is allowed to receive five doses of the vaccine.

In no country, the health authorities did not recommend that people do 12 vaccinations at once, but doctors are confident that this should not provoke any serious health problems.

A fairly strong reaction to the drug may occur after the first two shots. Quite often, a high body temperature rises, a headache appears, a feeling of fatigue. All symptoms disappear in just a couple of days.


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