YouTube app will start downloading videos for offline viewing

(ORDO NEWS) — It became known that in the YouTube app for Android there will be a smart download (Smart Downloads).

This feature will automatically download multiple videos each week based on recommendations. So the user can watch them without the Internet.

Some users in Europe have already been invited to try out the new Smart Downloads feature. On their smartphones, YouTube will download a set of 20 videos each week.

The download will take place when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Videos will be selected based on an algorithm that analyzes the viewing history and genres of videos that the user watches on the platform.

This feature may seem unnecessary to many people, but it can be useful for those who have little mobile data but want to watch videos while traveling.

It is also noted that when downloading to a device with a limited amount of memory, you will first receive a notification about this. This feature is currently only supported on the latest version of Android, Android 12.


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