Nutritionist named foods that are good for vision

(ORDO NEWS) — Nutritionist Carolyn Williams talked about what products can be used to improve eye health quite easily. They must be present in the diet of every person.

Vitamin A plays a very important role for eye health, because it can not only strengthen the cornea, but also make vision sharper. An insufficient amount of vitamin A will lead to serious problems with the synthesis of a visual pigment called rhodopsin.

As a result of this, a person is faced with night blindness and sees very poorly at dusk or in the dark. That is why the nutritionist told what kind of products will help improve vision and restore the right amount of vitamin A in the body.

Most of the necessary substance is found in sweet potato. Spinach, eggs and kale help improve eyesight. They contain a lot of zeaxanthin, lutein, which can reliably protect the retina.

Pigments work in exactly the same way as antioxidants. They are able to absorb a lot of blue rays, do not allow them to penetrate the eye, because otherwise the light provokes the appearance of free radicals that damage cells.

Oysters should be present in the diet, because they contain a lot of zinc, which can activate over 300 enzymes. It also plays an important role in maintaining the structure and stability of the proteins present in the retina. In addition, zinc protects the cells, does not allow vision to fall.

To protect not only the eyes, but the entire body, you will need vitamin E. To do this, you need to eat some almonds every day. If there is such a problem as dry eyes, then the diet must contain sources of Omega-3 – fatty fish.

Papaya contains a lot of lycopene and vitamin C. Beans are considered an important product for vision. It can also be used to replace many foods that have a high glycemic index and contain a lot of fiber.


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