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Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans, a distinguished Editor at ORDO News, is diligently committed to the dissemination of insightful narratives and well-informed perspectives. With an unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity, Evans navigates the intricate terrain of global affairs, simplifying complexities into coherent and enlightening prose. His profound dedication to uncovering truth resonates through every article, as he endeavors to shed light on the nuances shaping our world. From the corridors of power to the intricacies of societal dynamics, Evans' editorial finesse reveals the essence of human experience. Join him on a journey of intellectual exploration and discourse, where the written word serves as a guiding light.
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Israeli Army Warns Of “Consequences” After Iran Seizes Ship Off UAE Coast

Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Saturday seized a container ship "related to the Zionist regime (Israel)

Rare wolf’s fate revealed, an upcoming cicada invasion and more trending Lifestyle news

Lifestyle stories from this week included some surprising nature tales, amazing food revelations, a cicada

Suspect among six dead in Australian stabbing spree at busy shopping center: police

Six people are reported dead from a stabbing spree Saturday afternoon in Australia, and that

EXCLUSIVE: US Navy Under Secretary Erik Raven on the AUKUS agreement

U.S. nuclear-powered submarines are the crown jewel of American military might and key to deterring

Why Israel is risking a dramatic escalation with Iran

While Israel’s latest airstrike in Syria appears totally unhinged, there seems to be clear strategic

Family of grandmother attacked on church steps blasts lawmakers for not holding criminals accountable

A 16-year-old suspect accused of shoving a grandmother down a flight of church steps and

JK Rowling Blasts Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson Over Transgender Stance

In the midst of renewed controversy surrounding transgender rights, famed author JK Rowling has once

US floats softer alternative to confiscating Moscow’s reserves – FT

The West should borrow against Russia’s frozen assets and give the funds received to Ukraine,

Stranded sailors saved by spelling out ‘help’ with palm leaves (PHOTO)

Three men spent several days on a deserted island after their boat was damaged Three

The left is all about squatters’ rights putting homeowners like you at risk

It’s no coincidence or "rare practice"— and it’s certainly not a case of "conservatives pounce."

Person of interest identified in case of human leg found in Milwaukee County park

A person of interest has been identified in connection to a severed human leg found

UK Announces 55% Hike In Income Requirement To Sponsor Family Visa

The United Kingdom announced on Thursday that the minimum income threshold required to sponsor a

NFL Star To Murder Suspect: How American Hero OJ Simpson Fumbled It All

Good looks, fame and fortune: O.J. Simpson appeared to have it made after rewriting the

Students Are Likely Writing Millions of Papers With AI

Amanda Hoover reports via Wired: Students have submitted more than 22 million papers that may

Britain to equip ships with lasers to take down drones from 2027

Britain's defence ministry on Friday said it would install lasers on warships designed to cheaply