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  • The WirePrateek Echoes Gandhiji’s Timeless Grace

    Prateek Echoes Gandhiji’s Timeless Grace

  • The WireCyberbullying


    Digital Dangers Cyberbullying is when someone is mean to another person on the internet. Imagine if a friend started calling you names or teasing you every day at school. That would make you feel really bad, right? Well, cyberbullying is just like that, but it happens online, like on social media. Hurtful Words People might say hurtful things, spread rumors, or share embarrassing pictures of others. When this happens, the…

  • The WireSay no to bullying

    Say no to bullying

    I am the voice of the people getting bullied,those who are afraid to speak,whom the society calls weak, They are no longer weak my dear!If you are a bully listen up,You are not looking cool being mean,The thing is this way how would you feel if it was you?If you were me what would you do? Try and put yourself into my shoes.I hate that you make me feel so…

  • The WireBullying is Inhuman

    Bullying is Inhuman

    Bullying is Inhuman Bullying is one thing which damages not only the confidence but even takes the person on the verge of ending their lives. It is not only illegal, but it is equally INHUMAN. Bullying is not only done physically but done emotionally and mentally too. There are many ways to tackle the situation bravely but firstly we need to recognise that it is bullying or not. By recognising…

  • The WireHow to deal with bullying?

    How to deal with bullying?

    We all come across bullies. But how to deal with bullying and bullies? 1. Tell an adult or a teacher. If you are being bullied, it’s very important to tell an adult first and foremost. -Tell your parents the entire story. Parents are here to help and want to know what is going on with you. Your parents, moreover, may then be able to get in touch with staff at…

  • The WireComic Strip on Bullying

    Comic Strip on Bullying

    Comic Strip on Bullying Being bullied can leave you feeling helpless, humiliated and depressed. But there are ways to protect yourself —at school and elsewhere. Bullying can happen anywhere, at any time, and can be verbal, physical or social. With the help of comic strip I just want to aware my friends how they deal with bully and how they help other students in this situation. Comic Strip on Bullying…

  • The WireNature’s Beauty Unveiled: A Masterpiece

    Nature’s Beauty Unveiled: A Masterpiece

    Remarkable Artistry Ahamteertwaa Maity, your canvas painting showcasing Nature’s Beauty is nothing short of remarkable. Your artistic talent shines brightly through your work, and it’s evident that you poured your heart and soul into this masterpiece. Nature’s Silent Symphony Your painting captures the serene beauty of nature in all its glory, like a symphony of colors and emotions. Each stroke and hue harmoniously blend together, creating a visual masterpiece that…

  • The WirePrateek’s Art: Resting Paper Birds

    Prateek’s Art: Resting Paper Birds

  • The WireVidyasagar: Bengal’s Renaissance Visionary

    Vidyasagar: Bengal’s Renaissance Visionary

  • The WireGanesh Chaturthi: Prashikha’s Acrylic Masterpiece

    Ganesh Chaturthi: Prashikha’s Acrylic Masterpiece

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  • The WireIshwar Chandra Vidyasagar: Bengal’s Renaissance

    Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar: Bengal’s Renaissance

    Vidyasagar: A Vast Ocean of Wisdom Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, a towering figure of the 19th century, was more than just an educator and social reformer. He was a boundless sea of knowledge. Pioneer of Social Change In the 1800s, Vidyasagar spearheaded a revolution. He relentlessly advocated for Hindu widow remarriage and played a pivotal role in reshaping societal norms. Challenging the Status Quo Vidyasagar’s relentless efforts didn’t stop there. He…

  • The WireEnid Blyton

    Enid Blyton

    Discovering a Star: Enid Blyton Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) From Humble Beginnings Once upon a time, nestled in a quaint little town, a young girl named Enid Blyton started her journey. Remember when you planted your first seed in a pot and eagerly waited every day to see the first sprout? That’s how Enid’s dreams began. She was the little seed, and her big dream was to create…

  • The WireLewis Carroll

    Lewis Carroll

    The Magic of Lewis Carroll Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) A Journey into Wonderland Imagine closing your eyes and suddenly being in a world where cats can smile from ear to ear and rabbits hurry about, checking their pocket watches. Lewis Carroll’s imagination brought this place to life in a world that he named ‘Wonderland’. You know how when you snuggle up in a blanket fort and listen to…

  • The WireAuthor Roald Dahl

    Author Roald Dahl

    The Magic Behind Roald Dahl’s Tales Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) Once Upon A Time in Wales… In the beautiful land of Wales, where the gentle hills rolled and the rivers sang sweet songs, Author Roald Dahl came into the world. Imagine, if you will, a place where the sky is painted with hues of orange during sunset and where the morning air smells of fresh dew and earth.…

  • The WireLetter to Tooth Fairy

    Letter to Tooth Fairy

    When my tooth broke today evening Dear tooth fairy, I write to you to share, my tooth broke today and you are my only hope to get me a cat, edited a real cat I mean. My human parents don’t get it, so please tooth fairy get a real cat I have been wanting it since 3 years now. I hope you do please understand meI don’t want a catI…

  • The WireJhumpa Lahiri

    Jhumpa Lahiri

    The Beginning of a Shining Star The Tiny Seed of Talent Every garden starts with a single seed. Just like in our favorite fairy tales, this isn’t any ordinary seed. This is the story of a very special seed, one that would grow into a grand and beautiful tree. This seed was Jhumpa Lahiri. Just as every flower and tree begins as a tiny dot, waiting for the right moment…

  • The WireRabindranath Tagore

    Rabindranath Tagore

    The Seedling of Genius Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) A Boy with Dreams In a lively, bustling neighborhood of Kolkata, a young boy named Rabindranath Tagore often found himself lost in daydreams. Every child has a world of imagination, right? Rabindranath’s was vast and colorful. Picture this: as he stared out of his window, he would see more than streets and houses. In his mind’s eye, every passing cloud…

  • The WireErnest Hemingway

    Ernest Hemingway

    A Boy with Big Dreams Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) From Oak Park to Everywhere In the heart of Oak Park, Illinois, a spark was lit when little Ernest Hemingway came into the world. Picture a tiny seed. Just as from a small seed a mighty oak tree grows, from this little boy, a great storyteller was to emerge. Oak Park was not just his birthplace; it was the…

  • The WireVirginia Woolf

    Virginia Woolf

    A Star is Born Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) The Little Star In the heart of a bustling city, London, where horses pulled carriages and children played hopscotch, a little star named Virginia Woolf came to life. Think of that feeling when you first see a twinkling star in the evening sky. Virginia was that twinkle in her family’s life. Everyone around her felt a certain magic when she…

  • The WireGanesh Chaturthi Canvas: Maity’s Masterpiece

    Ganesh Chaturthi Canvas: Maity’s Masterpiece

    Emerging Talent Shines Through Ahamteertwaa Maity, your painting, beautifully encapsulating the spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi, serves as a testament to your dedication and inherent artistic abilities. For such a young talent hailing from Techno India Group Public School, your representation of a revered tradition showcases maturity beyond your years. A Canvas of Cultural Celebration Every brushstroke, every hue chosen, and the mood you’ve so expertly captured not only celebrates a…

  • The WireLeo Tolstoy

    Leo Tolstoy

    Leo Tolstoy’s Magical Pen The Beginning of a Great Tale In a land far, far away, nestled among the rolling hills and tall trees of Russia, a young boy named Leo Tolstoy began to weave stories. As he grew older, this boy, with twinkling eyes and a curious heart, discovered the power of the written word. Every story he told was like opening a magical book, where dragons could be…

  • The WireCharles Dickens

    Charles Dickens

    The Magic Quill of Charles Dickens Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) Once Upon a Time… Every storyteller has a beginning, just like every river has a source. In the vast world of tales and fables, Charles Dickens emerged as a beacon of imagination. Picture a world where magic is spun not by wands or potions, but by the simple stroke of a pen. With every word he penned, he…

  • The WireKuhu Kacher’s Butterfly Art: Fluttering Joy!

    Kuhu Kacher’s Butterfly Art: Fluttering Joy!

    Artistry Blooms: A Masterpiece Unveiled Kuhu, your artwork is like a garden where butterflies of creativity dance in vibrant colors. Your passion and skill shine through every brushstroke. It’s truly a masterpiece that captivates the imagination. A Symphony of Joyful Butterflies Kuhu, each butterfly in your artwork seems to tell a story, fluttering with joy and life. Your creation is a symphony of happiness, and it’s a testament to your…

  • The WireGeorge Orwell

    George Orwell

    Discovering George Orwell Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) The Hidden Treasure of Words Remember those fun treasure hunts we used to play at birthday parties? Finding George Orwell’s writings is like unearthing the most amazing treasure in a hunt. Just like every twist and turn in the game has its charm, every page of George Orwell’s work is a delight waiting to be discovered. Imagine walking into a huge…

  • The WireJ K Rowling

    J.K. Rowling

    The Magical Beginnings Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) Every New Story Begins with a Single Word Once upon a time, in a world much like ours, there was an idea. Just a tiny spark. Imagine it like a small dot on a big white paper. J.K. Rowling had such a dot, an idea. And with every word she wrote, that dot began to spread, like the colors in a…

  • The WireLeading by example – Isaac Newton

    Leading by example – Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton – The Farmer Who Chose to Count Stars Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) Woolsthorpe Wonders: Where It All Began Once upon a time in Woolsthorpe, a cozy village in England, lived a young boy named Isaac Newton. The air was always filled with the smell of freshly turned soil and the sounds of animals in the distance. You’d think it was the perfect place for a future…

  • The WireParticle Physics Made Simple: As Easy as A, B, C

    Particle Physics Made Simple: As Easy as A, B, C

    Particle Physics and the Magic Alphabet The Alphabet of the Universe Hello, young adventurers! Today we’re diving into a subject that sounds complicated but is really quite magical. It’s called Particle Physics! Have you ever thought about what makes up the chair you sit on, or even the chocolate chip cookies you love? Just like A, B, C makes words, Particle Physics helps us understand what everything is made of!…

  • The WireBiochemistry Made Simple: As Easy as A, B, C

    Biochemistry Made Simple: As Easy as A, B, C

    The Magical World of Biochemistry The Enchanted Book In a quaint corner of the school library, where dusty tomes and faded scrolls rested in silent slumber, there sat a young student named Alex. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Alex was known throughout the school as the “Seeker of Wisdom.” Every day after classes, they would venture into the library, their haven of imagination and discovery. One fateful afternoon, as…

  • The WirePsychology Made Simple: As Easy as A, B, C

    Psychology Made Simple: As Easy as A, B, C

    Listen to the Story (Short Snippet) The Mind’s Marvels In the enchanted world of Psychology, where mysteries unfold like ancient scrolls, the mind is a treasure trove of wonders waiting to be explored. This chapter unveils the first layers of this fascinating realm, focusing on the intricate maze of thoughts, the power of empathy, and the art of self-discovery. The Intricate Maze of Thoughts Within the vast landscape of your…

  • The WireWeight Loss Made Simple: As Easy as A, B, C

    Weight Loss Made Simple: As Easy as A, B, C

    The Journey BeginsA Dream Takes Root Once upon a time in a cozy little town nestled between rolling hills, there lived a young boy named Timmy. Timmy was known for his boundless energy, infectious laughter, and an ever-present smile that could light up even the gloomiest of days. Yet, beneath his jovial exterior, Timmy carried a quiet dream in his heart – a dream of transformation, of becoming healthier and…