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Actionable Feedback Policy

ORDO News is a prominent worldwide news agency that delivers up-to-the-minute news and updates on a global scale. With a dedicated team of journalists and correspondents spread across the world, ORDO News ensures comprehensive coverage of breaking news, politics, technology, science, entertainment, and more. As a reputable source of information, their website,, serves as a reliable platform where audiences can stay informed about the latest events shaping our interconnected world.

At ORDO News, we value the perspectives and engagement of our readers, and we encourage constructive feedback as an essential component of our commitment to journalistic excellence. We strive to maintain an open and transparent channel of communication, fostering a dynamic relationship between our audience and our team.

Providing Feedback: We welcome feedback from our readers on various aspects of our content, including accuracy, clarity, objectivity, and overall presentation. Your insights play a pivotal role in helping us refine and enhance our reporting, ensuring that we continue to deliver news that meets the highest standards.

How to Share Feedback: To share your feedback, you can utilize the comment sections available on our articles, engage with us through our social media platforms, or directly contact our editorial team via the designated communication channels provided on our website.

Constructive Criticism: We value well-articulated critiques that highlight specific areas for improvement. Constructive criticism provides us with actionable insights to address any shortcomings and continuously elevate the quality of our content.

Open Dialogue: Our commitment to open dialogue means that we are eager to engage in meaningful discussions about our reporting. Whether you wish to point out inaccuracies, suggest alternative perspectives, or inquire about our editorial processes, we are here to listen and engage in a productive exchange of ideas.

Guidelines for Feedback: While we encourage robust discussions, we kindly request that all feedback adheres to respectful and courteous communication. Discriminatory, offensive, or inappropriate language will not be tolerated, as we aim to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for all readers.

Acknowledging Feedback: We assure our readers that we take your feedback seriously. While we may not be able to respond individually to every submission, please be assured that your insights are carefully considered and contribute to our ongoing efforts to enhance our journalistic endeavors.

Thank you for being an integral part of the ORDO News community. Your feedback empowers us to uphold the principles of accuracy, transparency, and accountability in our pursuit of delivering informative and impactful news coverage.

For every information or for every question you can contact us in every time on our email addresses as we show:

NEWSROOM OFFICE: [email protected]

PRESS DEPARTMENT: [email protected]


MARKETING DEPARTMENT: [email protected]

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