Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Michael Smith, a distinguished Editor at ORDO News, is diligently committed to the dissemination of insightful narratives and well-informed perspectives. With an unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity, Smith navigates the intricate terrain of global affairs, simplifying complexities into coherent and enlightening prose. His profound dedication to uncovering truth resonates through every article, as he endeavors to shed light on the nuances shaping our world. From the corridors of power to the intricacies of societal dynamics, Smith's editorial finesse reveals the essence of human experience. Join him on a journey of intellectual exploration and discourse, where the written word serves as a guiding light.
2027 Articles

UN says it still faces obstacles in bid to fend off famine in Gaza

The United Nations is still struggling to prevent famine in the Gaza Strip and while

Bitcoin Price Consolidates Below Hurdles, Can BTC Bounce Back?

Bitcoin price is consolidating below the $65,000 resistance zone. BTC must surpass $65,000 and $67,000

Crypto Mining $3.5 Million Scheme: Man Indicted For Alleged “Cryptojacking” Operation

A Nebraska man has been indicted with several criminal charges by the New York authorities

GREG GUTFELD: Dems hate Trump so much that they’re willing to destroy the legal system

According to legal expert Jonathan Turley, Trump's on trial for allegedly falsifying business records related

Columbia student suspended after alleged ‘fart spray’ attack during pro-Palestinian rally sues school

A Columbia University student who served in the Israeli armed forces is suing the Ivy

Bitcoin Analyst Set Sight On $79,591: Urges Traders To Be Patient

While Bitcoin prices hover around 15% below their all-time highs, with some skeptics predicting more

Elon Musk Latest Tweet: How Much Did Dogecoin Gain From It Today?

The cryptocurrency market tends to thrive on a blend of innovation, utility, and sometimes, just

Microsoft Takes Down AI Model Published by Beijing-Based Researchers Without Adequate Safety Checks

Microsoft's Beijing-based research group published a new open source AI model on Tuesday, only to

“Israel Fighting Hamas Without Mercy”: PM Netanyahu To New Army Recruits

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told new army recruits on Tuesday that Israel is fighting

Israeli artist refuses to open Venice show in war protest

The artist chosen to represent Israel at the prestigious Venice Biennale art fair said on

Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison detainee shares emotional testimony in trial against Virginia military contractor

A former detainee at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison described to jurors Monday the type

Foreign policy expert reveals 2 key offensive strategies US must ‘seize’ on to win ‘Cold War’ with China

The United States is currently embroiled in a Cold War with China according to expert

Bitcoin Investors In The Red: Losses Trump Profits As Ratio Dips Below 1

Investors are bracing themselves for a rollercoaster ride as Bitcoin, the flagship digital asset, navigates

Bitcoin Price Restarts Decline, Can BTC Bulls Protect $60K?

Bitcoin price started another decline from the $67,000 zone. BTC is showing bearish signs and

The IRS’s New Tax Software: Rave Reviews, But Low Turnout

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the Washington Post: The Biden administration marked the