The James Webb telescope discovered carbon dioxide on Jupiter’s moon

(ORDO NEWS) -- The James Webb Telescope (JWST), recently launched into space, was able to

James Webb captures Herbig’s object – Haro 211

(ORDO NEWS) -- The James Webb Space Telescope captured high-resolution images of Herbig object Haro

James Webb discovers the oldest known galaxies

(ORDO NEWS) -- The James Webb Space Telescope has discovered four of the most distant

James Webb telescope captures stunning image of Uranus’ Rings

(ORDO NEWS) -- Recently, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) took a stunning image of

James Webb confirmed the discovery of the most distant galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) -- The James Webb Infrared Space Telescope has confirmed the discovery of four

James Webb telescope first detected a dust storm on an exoplanet

(ORDO NEWS) -- For the first time in history outside the solar system, astronomers have

Scientists propose to explore the planets in “Venus Zone” using James Webb telescope

(ORDO NEWS) -- A team of astronomers have proposed using the James Webb Space Telescope

“James Webb” captures the transformation of a giant star into a supernova

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James Webb Telescope gets closer to detecting what has Ionized the Universe

(ORDO NEWS) -- Astronomers have determined that so-called "holey" galaxies may be responsible for triggering

James Webb telescope provides new insight into early star formation

(ORDO NEWS) -- The telescope's keen infrared eyes showed how stars and galaxies evolve together.

“James Webb” saw an unusually rich in metals distant galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) -- Looking at the first images of a well-known early galaxy taken by