What foods should not be washed before cooking

(ORDO NEWS) — To avoid getting into the body of various kinds of infections, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the products.

Every day people wash fish and meat, fruits and vegetables. At the same time, there are some foods that must not be washed before cooking.

There are products that cannot be washed, because this will either not bring any result, or even harm your health.

It must be remembered that most products contain a huge number of dangerous bacteria, which can only be destroyed with the help of very high temperatures. They will not be affected by washing even with sufficiently hot water.


Eggs are among those foods that are consumed the most. They have a fairly thin shell through which pathogenic microorganisms can enter during washing. Most often this happens when using cold water.


Most people are completely confident that mushrooms will become cleaner than if they were washed well or even soaked in water. In fact, the bacteria found on mushrooms can only be destroyed by exposure to high temperatures.


Pasta lovers know perfectly well that it does not need to be washed before cooking. As a result, the starch that is in the product is removed, which negatively affects the texture and taste of the finished dish.

Vegetables in bags

Those vegetables that are sold in bags are ready to eat and do not need additional washing. They have already been disinfected and treated with special compounds that protect against the appearance of harmful microorganisms on their surface.


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