Scientists have told what will happen if the Earth starts to rotate at the speed of light

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(ORDO NEWS) — It is the rotation of the Earth that affects weather conditions. The daily cycle depends on this, a certain temperature is set on the planet, which will be suitable for a comfortable life for people. It is worth noting that the rotation also affects the ebb and flow.

What will happen if the speed of the Earth’s rotation increases markedly? What happens if it starts moving at the speed of light?

The planet makes one revolution around its axis in 23 hours and 56 minutes. The speed of rotation will be affected by where exactly the person is located. For example, the speed at the equator is 460 meters per second.

If there is an increase in the speed of rotation of the Earth by 0.45 meters per second, then in this case the day will decrease by one and a half minutes.

People may not even see such a change, but even it will cause sea levels to rise several centimeters at once. In addition, the water will begin to move fairly quickly towards the equator.

With an increase in speed of 45 meters per second, the length of the day will decrease to 22 hours. The number of days in a year would also increase.

Such a change would have a very serious impact on sea level, which has become 9-20 cm higher at the equator. As a result, many cities will be under water, and millions of people will be forced to flee to other countries.

An increase in the speed of movement to 920 meters per second will cause a global catastrophe. The entire planet will be covered with water and only the tops of the highest mountains will remain visible.

here will be a desynchronization of the satellites, which are programmed in such a way as to rotate at the same speed with the Earth. The air will become too humid, in many regions it will rain all the time.

The speed of 7886 m / s can lead to the fact that people will start to fly away from the planet into space. In addition, the rain will start to go in the opposite direction.

The Earth’s crust will protrude at the equator and flatten at the poles at a speed of 11,000 meters per second. This will cause powerful earthquakes. At the speed of light, the Earth will change its size, and will also shrink into a thin disk, like everything that is present on it.


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